Form, strategy, and that scoundrel Rumsfeld

It’s 39 boring minutes of three boffins that don’t understand strategy. Things do become obsolete. Horse Cavalry for example. The real issue is how do they become obsolete? Usually, it’s because the enemy designs a method that makes them ineffective. For example, our Future Combat Systems Rumsfeld was such a big fan of became obsolete before they were even off the drawing board. How? China fired a satellite killing rocket in to space. No satellites.. no FCS. Too easy.

One of the inherent problems with strategy is “form”. When your strategy or arms takes a concrete shape, the enemy can find it’s weakness and exploit it. So, why not be “formless”. Let the enemy guess.


8 Responses to Form, strategy, and that scoundrel Rumsfeld

  1. Murray says:

    The pike phalanx become obsolete twice. At Cynoscephalae in 197BC and again at Breitenfeld in 1631.

    The single most obsolete aspect of warfare is civilian advice.

  2. comatus says:

    Our first boots on the ground in Afghanistan weren’t on the ground, they were in stirrups: Air Force horse cavalry. And, since we had surplused all our saddles, they had to borrow wooden ones from the locals. I was ashamed for my country.

    There is no form of warfare in which the United States does not require a proficiency. I keep a Scythian war chariot oiled up and in harness in the second garage bay, next to my gun truck. I want a good explanation why Iowa, New Jersey and Wisconsin are not kept crewed and fueled. Know what settles a Barbary pirate’s hash? The USS Constitution, that’s what, with a round up the snout and a bone in her teeth. Blow your matches, boys. Not one cent for tribute.

  3. There was a line in Starship Troopers, something about if you spend too much time watching the equipment someone will sneak up and bash your head with a rock-asymetrical warfare

  4. Murray says:

    I don’t recall that particular one. And i just finished rereading it. Seems reasonable though.

  5. IIRC it was the scene where Zim is teaching knife fighting

  6. Murray says:

    Ok you’re talking about the film not actual Starship Troopers then.

    Virginia would have kicked Paul Verhovens ass for that effort if she haddn’t died. Many of us expected her to come back and do it anyway.

  7. No I think it was the book, have to look,movie was drek

  8. Veeshir says:

    I remember that from the book too OFS. Zim was pointing out that there are no obsolete weapons.

    As for our Future combat systems being obsolete because China killed a satellite…

    I hope we’re fielding satellites with defensive capabilities, like weapons or even just a small propulsion capability.

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