Bane of western civilisation.

Assholes who think theat their personal views and convictions are so important that they overide EVERYTHING. Other peoples rights, other peoples beliefs, other peoples property and the law.

This fuckwit even acknowledged that he was sitting on the farm of someone he had no problem with. his mates were suprised that cops cut him down because the police had not told them they were going to. One said she was afraid for his safety when they used an angle grinder to cut his chians. didn;t occur to the dum bitch that he was in danger thorugh his own choices because that bred of self entitled morally superior smudge in the underpants of humanity don’t believe in consequences. just like the dildoes of the French revoutonary assembly, they think they can wish their own reality into exisatance.

Which is why he has pled not guilty to something which he not only did but braged about as being illegal along with a stated intention to continue breaking the law. A text book case for preventive dention your honour.


3 Responses to Bane of western civilisation.

  1. Captain Neurotic says:

    This little cumstain summarises the general mindset of my generation ‘I can do the hell I like because I disagree with it – but if you try and stop me you will be breaching my HR’.

    What these fucktard’s don’t understand is that the NZBORA ‘freedom of speech’ is limited and does not provide a blanket protection for breaches of the Trespass/Summary Offences/Misuse of Drugs/Crimes Act.

    But alas if those 3 nutjobs from Waihopai can get away with their intentional damage/trespass surely some overpaid colleague of mine will use every defence in the book to ensure their next legal aid check!

  2. Preventive detention, why not retroactive abortion…… Does he think his morning bacon was born wrapped in plastic?

  3. Murray says:


    The family of Pete Bethune are whinging that the Japanese haven’t let him go. they be counting themelves lucky that no one treats pirates like they should these days.

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