It appears multiculturalism has a down side

It’s not diversity that makes America strong. It’s an ability to attract “human capital”. Human beings with skill sets that are a net asset to our country. As we are seeing in Texas, there is a reverse to that rule.

Several South Texas lawmakers tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS they’ve received threats from Mexican drug cartels. For safety reasons, the lawmakers didn’t want us to identify them. But a U.S. security source tells us the Zetas made the threats to intimidate lawmakers.

Illegal immigration allows a negative human capital to overwhelm our economy. Draining resources. In the case of Texas, it seems to be allowing drug cartels to operate para-military forces in our country with the ability to threaten our lawmakers and citizens. It isn’t exactly clear at this point, who’s safety the lawmakers are worried about. The Texas vs Mexico wounds run deep. There will be a point where the cartels strategically over-reach and Texans will take matters in to their own hands.


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