Save an old soldier, prevent the sale of white poppies!

The hippies that time forgot are at it again. What they beleive, their values their agenda are more important than anyone and anything else.

This time however they are taking money from the people who ensured they have the rights that they do. Our veterans. In spite of the overwealming condemation of their deliberate efforts to steal from our aged and valunerable vets these people are now daring to play the victim card.

Peace Movement Aotearoa co-ordinator Edwina Hughes said members of the white poppy campaign were verbally threatened. She refused to elaborate but said some red poppy collectors were asking to collect for the white poppy too.

She refused to elaborate… really, not actually having any evidence for that then I take it. Just like all those racists in the Tea Party who spit on black members of congress yet in this age of 4 out of 5 people being armed with cell phone cameras there hasn’t been one single image produced. Its almost like a pattern or something…

Yeah that would be it.

For those who came late to this party ANZAC Day is the one day (half day actually) when we remeber our fallen and what our freedoms in New Zealand and Australia has cost us. The Friday before ANZAC Day is the one day each year when our RSA (Returned Servicemans Association) gets a bit of a cash injection by selling poppies for donations. Most people buy one and you will usually see politicans and public figures wearing them as a matter of course. I don’t get a new a poppy each year as I’m still using one I wore a while back, but I usually make a donation when someone crosses my path with a tray of them. As for supporting returned servicemen I do that by phoning my father on a regular basis.

“Peace Movment Aotearoa” is a western civiliastion hating anti-soldier bunch or moralising left wing drop kicks who have decided that everyone in uniform is evil and they love “peace” and that everything wrong in the world can be fixed in a non-violent manner. Further they are the keepers of truth and light and they will teach us to be peaceful and non-violent and by Gaia they’ll fucking kick your ass if you don’t go along with them! Yes thats right they love peace so much that they will use any means to achieve it. These people are closley tied to three mean who attacked a satellite station belonging to the Goverment Communications Security Bureau causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage which the taxpayer will pick the tab up for. The horror of that incident was compunded by them defending themselves in court with the argument that they believed they were saving lives because the base was spying on innocent civilians in Afghanistan for the US so that the US Army could kill them! It all makes perfect sense… if you’re stoned out of your tree. By the why they were found not guilty on the basis of their defense.

Let us return now to the white poppies. Peace Movment Aotearoa has decided that the best day to sell their poopies is the Thursday before ANZAC Day. Thats right, the day before the RSA gets its fund raiser underway. They intend to trade on the memory of our war dead in order to raise money for their “peace scholarships” with an agenda of attacking our miklitary. They intend to do this at the expense of those very servicemen and women who in advanced age are most in need of support.

Consequently I can only view their actions as putting the lives of our elderly veterans in jepody and any action taked to prevent them doing so could well be seen as an efffort to save lives. And i mean this in a very real and legally binding sense. See what happens when you fuck with rules, they come back and bite you in the ass. In fact I’m not advocating doing anything of the kind. Its a bloody stupid defense and should enver have been accepted. This of course wont stop the peaceniks from slectively quoting and making wildly flailing accusations of all kinds, but watch closely while I give a fuck.

However if you happen to be on the streets of Wellingto today and one of those self validating arseholes trys to take your hard earned money from you I fully encourage you to exercise YUOR free speech. It wasn’t free to get it and it isn’t free to keep so value it. I for one will not be holding back.

6 Responses to Save an old soldier, prevent the sale of white poppies!

  1. George says:

    Curiously enough, during WW1 as the need for manpower in the forces increased, able looking men were often shamed in public streets; sometimes unjustly but more often not.

    This took the form of a question “Why have you not joined up?” If no answer was forthcoming, a woman then pinned a white lily on them.

    Any similarities with the peace-at-any-cost crowd?

  2. BillT says:

    Stand next to the white poppy purveyors with a big sign — “Buy a white poppy and get your matching white feather FREE!”

  3. Bill, the only problem with that idea is not many people know the significance of the white feather.

    Now a bucket of yellow paint and the sign, “Buy a white poppy and get your complimentory yellow stripe FREE!” might work better.

  4. Murray says:

    Enough people here do. During two world wars we put more of our population in uniform than any other Anglo-Saxon nation.

  5. Argent says:

    Disgusting. Why is it that so often the freedom other people fight for is used by the parasites of peace to be unmitigated arses?

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