Mexico, immigration, and the coming battles

One of the reasons I’m a firm believer in legal immigration is that we need to control who comes to our country. Mexico is polluting us. They can’t control their own country and they are bringing their problems here. I want immigrants that are a net asset not people that drain our budgets. Historically, countries that have allowed a “negative human capital” to immigrate to their country have paid a heavy price.. the same goes for persecuting our “positive human capital”. Both of which we are doing now. We are creating the perfect storm and it’s about to get ugly.


4 Responses to Mexico, immigration, and the coming battles

  1. KG says:

    I’ve put a link to this up at CR, under a a clip of Mexicans and lefties rioting against immigration laws.

  2. Since when has industrial policy (claiming that “we” can tell the difference between useful and useless capital) ever worked?

  3. Major Scarlet says:

    it’s fairly easy. when you have immigrants that you can’t run your economy without.. they are useful. the Jews ran many banking systems through out europe and the middle east for centuries and when societies grew jealous and persecuted them, their economies almost always suffered. when the romans left britian, there wasn’t a single brick made for almost 200 years and even then they were imported from europe.

  4. Murray says:

    Yeah but they got King Arfa!!!

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