Dino on the move.

May 31, 2010

Our long term lava lookout and live reporter has been relocated. Dino who for several years was glued to a rock, has moved to his very on mount along with moving from the left to the right of the picture. Much like our voting habits.

I think the entire camera may have been relocated too. Who can say. We still have no idea what glue was orgionally used.


May 29, 2010

The updated design:

Friday Afternoon Lashout. This week ZOMBIES!!!!!!

May 28, 2010

All it takes is one crap journo school drop out who write stupid headlines…

Then the next thing you know you have higway delays.

But if you’re a paranoid survivalist you’ve prepared!

Thats right they aren’t going to kill themselves. These are zombies not freaken Emos people so bomb up…

Mmmmm choices…

Yeah not looking so crazy now they’re at the door lookn to borrow a cup of brains now.

Not if you weren’t prepared there aint.

Even the most harmless neighbous can turn a little… odd.

And some were already bad anyway. Nazi zombies… worse than Illinois Nazis!

Stay calm citizens!

Well thats worth knowing.



Christians riot in Sweden.

May 24, 2010

A group of Christians had a showing  of the Last Temptation of Christ shut down within seconds of it beinging to play hurling abuse and threats at security staff and claiming that Sweden was their country and that the film was pornography which violated their beliefes which must be respected. They borke into agressive chants of Christ is King Christ is King and accusing the director of homosexuality which is a sin according to the bible. they also threatedned to kill (“take out”) members of the security staff with one young woman calling them fucking cunts and many screaming pigs pigs at them before loudly demnading the tremoval of the  directorfrom Upsalla and warning of “trouble” if their demands were not met.

The showing was stopped for secuity reasons and the Chrsitians broke into jubilant chants of Christ is King once more. One lone girl mentioned freedom of speech and the group surged on her only being prevented by the intervention of security officers.

The religious based agression of this mob made it very clear that this “Chrsitianity” is simply incompatible witrh western values of free speech and democracy. It has however become apparent that its predeliction for violence to get its way has been rewarded and from this we can expect more of the same untill such time as someone says no.

Ok can we actually do something about these assholes now?

May 22, 2010

A 4-year-old boy is dead after being hit by a teenager’s car which spun out of control onto a footpath.

This at any time is a tragedy. but unfortunately its not an “accident”.

The Christchurch accident happened about 5.15pm when the driver – described to One News by a witness as a boy racer doing drifts – lost control of his car after he is believed to have come from a side street onto the multi-lane Linwood Ave.

Time and again boyracers have been confronted people because the poice response has been to tell complainents to take rego numbers and those people have been charged with a range of offences. Boyracers are a dangerous element in our society and they operate outside any standards of civilised behaviour while enjoying the full protection of the law. the offenders are juvinile assholes with no concept of anyones rights but their own. People have been repetedly hurt and killed by their self gratifying assholery. If they can’t play nice they get tossed out fo the pool.

The defence will be the same, hes a good boy who just made a bad decision. Actually hes not a good boy, hes a killer.

The primary function of a society is to protect its young and vulnerable. We either let these fuckers kill four year olds so they can get their jollies or we declare open season on them and we apply some serious behaviour modifaction.

How do we feel about crushing their cars now?

Friday Afternoon Lashout part two.

May 21, 2010

Friday afternoon lashout

May 21, 2010

A little different this week. I’m just going to pluck this a bit for the hell of it.

After months of increasingly fractious debate, the 15-member school board of Texas is expected today to approve more than 100 pages of new guidelines governing the teaching of social studies. They changes cover everything from Cold War history to the “correct” interpretation of the US Constitution. (Which would be a nice departure from the very dubious interpretation that the current administration has.)The proposed rules stipulate, among other things, that Republican superstar Ronald Reagan should be added to a list of “great Americans”. (He is, whats your damn point?) Country music can be described as an important cultural movement, but hip-hop can’t. (And…) And speeches by Jefferson Davis, the slave-owning president of the Confederacy, should be taught alongside those of Abraham Lincoln. (Which they bloody well should be if you are going to evaluate the American Civil War with any CONTEXT! Abe Lincoln used the constitution like his own personal arse paper.)

You see to liberals these untruths are held to be self evident, that capitalism and conservatives are bad and everyone has the right to stfu and do what Sean Penn tells them to do. Some of the other shit is dodgey as hell, but no more som  than the hysterical leftwing reaction to it. for a start I’d like to see some evidence of American “imperialism” and any school that already taught something like that wouldn’t be getting an oportunity to mess with anything from my gene pool.

Either way the absolute smug left wing hysteria is the real show in this story.

If you see this guy…

May 21, 2010

DON’T rent a flat from him. But do phone Detective Constable Libby Willis, (09) 302-6965 and casually mention that you’re looking at the bogus landlord who keeps taking peoples money for renting flats he doesn’t own in Auckland.

That is all.

Not even going to say student visa?

Well is it a boycott or isn’t it?

May 21, 2010

If you have the courage of your convictions then you can’t be selective about what items you do and boycott.

You see California has decided to declare economic war on Arizona for daring to decide to enforce their own laws. Unfortunately they didn’t check their arsenal before they decided to cry havock and let slip the chequebooks of war.

The power for LA comes from Arizona and they’ve been asked if they’d like to renegotiate their contracts. Just doing it during daylight hours because the fine print might be a bit tricky to read in the dark. Not that California is a model of economic success on a good day anyway.

As God asked Noah, “how long can you tread water?”

What the hell is this please.

May 21, 2010

Bottom line is don’t go shopping in the US. These jackbooted semi-retarded tiny dicked bed wetting goons claim they can prove with their sudio that they were threatened and assulted. I’ve listened to it several time and I challenge you to show me where that happened. I’d also like to hear where the couple was advised of their rights when they were arrested.

Real unifroms are in Iraq, Afghanistan and a host of other places fighting to actually stop this sort of bullshit.

Clean your own house America.