The age of deferred responsibility.

Many years ago when the earths crust was cooling and I was in high school one of our classmates drank himself to death.

As a result of this the rest of us worked out that drinking an entire bottle of spirits by yourself is a dangerous thing to do. In fact most of us had managed to arrive at that point intutively. We also thought he was dick. Seriously we thought he died because he was stupid, a loner and complete tool. Sure there was an assembly, but not having the benefits of facebook and a liberal indoctrination we didn’t revel in the death and in reality forgot him pretty quickly except as a cautionary tale.

However in these kinder benevolent days of not smaking children and letting them stab teachers without consequences you can blame anyone for anything, EXCEPT those responsible. It is now John Keys fault that we have a teen drinking problem. Not the result of decades of social engineering in which young people are given “rights” without reposnibility. Not the result of privilage without consequence, but in fact an issue of government legislation.

The first time that a group thought it could legislate social eutopia we saw a fun little thing in France called “The Terror” because a bunch of lawyers though they could litterally legilaste human nature. This has been proven untrue as many times as chnaging behavior by force has been proven true. It is past time that we sought to blame almost anyone that isn’t responsible and lay it those that actually had some input into the decision. I understand the families desire to find someone to blame, someone not them or their son. However they are misguided, the young man made the decision to drink, his choice. You as his family had the greatest input into shaping his decision making process as my parents had over me. I never drank myself to death. i call it a win for my parents child raising skills and give no credit to the governments of my youth.

Start looking a little closer to home. The people who can and should learn from this are parents, not politicans.

And on the matter of the teacher stabbing I note that some teachers are seeking to blame media violence. Interesting, some of the most horrific media violence in our history was during and shortly after the second world war. when we had out lowest incidence of youth violence. In my time i grew up with Viet Nam as the lead item in the 6 o’clock news. We were pussies compared to the youth of today. Our parents, bother generations, took the time to raise us though. Could be something there do you think?


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