Friday afternoon lashout

A little different this week. I’m just going to pluck this a bit for the hell of it.

After months of increasingly fractious debate, the 15-member school board of Texas is expected today to approve more than 100 pages of new guidelines governing the teaching of social studies. They changes cover everything from Cold War history to the “correct” interpretation of the US Constitution. (Which would be a nice departure from the very dubious interpretation that the current administration has.)The proposed rules stipulate, among other things, that Republican superstar Ronald Reagan should be added to a list of “great Americans”. (He is, whats your damn point?) Country music can be described as an important cultural movement, but hip-hop can’t. (And…) And speeches by Jefferson Davis, the slave-owning president of the Confederacy, should be taught alongside those of Abraham Lincoln. (Which they bloody well should be if you are going to evaluate the American Civil War with any CONTEXT! Abe Lincoln used the constitution like his own personal arse paper.)

You see to liberals these untruths are held to be self evident, that capitalism and conservatives are bad and everyone has the right to stfu and do what Sean Penn tells them to do. Some of the other shit is dodgey as hell, but no more som  than the hysterical leftwing reaction to it. for a start I’d like to see some evidence of American “imperialism” and any school that already taught something like that wouldn’t be getting an oportunity to mess with anything from my gene pool.

Either way the absolute smug left wing hysteria is the real show in this story.

6 Responses to Friday afternoon lashout

  1. cha says:

    Murray, can I point you to a little revisionism that’s a lot closer to home.

    And reading about your interests in things Roman which seems to include artillery and the like I’ve happened upon a you tube page about U.S navy vintage fire control mechanical computers.

  2. Murray says:

    Why would you send me to public address, what did I do to you?

    On the other subject my father did a stint at Pearl where they had a trajectory computer. Thats all it did, calculation trajectory.

    It was a the size of a four bedroom home.

  3. cha says:

    Umm, sorry if I’ve gotten up your nose Murray but despite the pedigree or otherwise of the site I reckon the subject matter is close to home and given your original post was about revisionists, perhaps, despite the stench, you could hold your nose and have a read.

  4. Murray says:

    Actually my post was about hysterical reactions.

    Much of what the reporter eas taking for granted was highly subjective.

    History and spotting revisionism are kind of my trade. Most of what is simply accepted as fact in New Zealand my the media for example is weak revisionism that would get you a big hairy fail if you tried to use it as fact in an academic environment.

  5. That is a MK 37 fire control system, I think I saw that film in GMG A School in 1969, IIRC a tin can even got a MIG 15 with one of those, contrary to my daughter’s opinion I date from later than a ramrod, thubstall and linstock ( but I do know how to use them) (OFS knuckles his brow as he lines up for grog)

  6. Murray says:

    So that thing with the Serapis… you came through ok then?

    How was JP Jones as a skipper anyway?

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