What the hell is this please.

Bottom line is don’t go shopping in the US. These jackbooted semi-retarded tiny dicked bed wetting goons claim they can prove with their sudio that they were threatened and assulted. I’ve listened to it several time and I challenge you to show me where that happened. I’d also like to hear where the couple was advised of their rights when they were arrested.

Real unifroms are in Iraq, Afghanistan and a host of other places fighting to actually stop this sort of bullshit.

Clean your own house America.

2 Responses to What the hell is this please.

  1. Major Scarlet says:

    typical canadian prick.

  2. Murray says:

    Typical arrogant American.

    We don;t need to explain ourselves so just stfu and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.

    Outastanding international image you have there.

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