Ok can we actually do something about these assholes now?

A 4-year-old boy is dead after being hit by a teenager’s car which spun out of control onto a footpath.

This at any time is a tragedy. but unfortunately its not an “accident”.

The Christchurch accident happened about 5.15pm when the driver – described to One News by a witness as a boy racer doing drifts – lost control of his car after he is believed to have come from a side street onto the multi-lane Linwood Ave.

Time and again boyracers have been confronted people because the poice response has been to tell complainents to take rego numbers and those people have been charged with a range of offences. Boyracers are a dangerous element in our society and they operate outside any standards of civilised behaviour while enjoying the full protection of the law. the offenders are juvinile assholes with no concept of anyones rights but their own. People have been repetedly hurt and killed by their self gratifying assholery. If they can’t play nice they get tossed out fo the pool.

The defence will be the same, hes a good boy who just made a bad decision. Actually hes not a good boy, hes a killer.

The primary function of a society is to protect its young and vulnerable. We either let these fuckers kill four year olds so they can get their jollies or we declare open season on them and we apply some serious behaviour modifaction.

How do we feel about crushing their cars now?

2 Responses to Ok can we actually do something about these assholes now?

  1. Allan_R says:

    Yes there is; and it’s copper coated.

  2. mikenz says:

    Take his license away for the next 10 years after he gets out of prison.

    But first make it mandatory 1 yr jail if you drive without a license.

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