Christians riot in Sweden.

A group of Christians had a showing  of the Last Temptation of Christ shut down within seconds of it beinging to play hurling abuse and threats at security staff and claiming that Sweden was their country and that the film was pornography which violated their beliefes which must be respected. They borke into agressive chants of Christ is King Christ is King and accusing the director of homosexuality which is a sin according to the bible. they also threatedned to kill (“take out”) members of the security staff with one young woman calling them fucking cunts and many screaming pigs pigs at them before loudly demnading the tremoval of the  directorfrom Upsalla and warning of “trouble” if their demands were not met.

The showing was stopped for secuity reasons and the Chrsitians broke into jubilant chants of Christ is King once more. One lone girl mentioned freedom of speech and the group surged on her only being prevented by the intervention of security officers.

The religious based agression of this mob made it very clear that this “Chrsitianity” is simply incompatible witrh western values of free speech and democracy. It has however become apparent that its predeliction for violence to get its way has been rewarded and from this we can expect more of the same untill such time as someone says no.

11 Responses to Christians riot in Sweden.

  1. Boody Christians, next thing you know they will want their own court! No! Wait, they tried that already.

  2. Murray says:

    Crucifiction? Bloody doddle that is. Flaming centurions pet.

  3. Rossette says:

    You will find out sir one day, that you are wrong.

  4. Karen says:


    Did you watch the video you’ve linked too?

    It shows a group of Muslims protesting the showing of a film called Allah ho gaybar. They’re chanting “muhammed, muhummad” not “Christ is King”


  5. Murray says:

    Karen you seem a little slow with the concept of moral equvilence and irony.

    I watched the video in detail. Everythign I detailed happened.

    However I changed everything from muslim to Christian. We live in a world where it is encouraged to attack Christians and forbiden to offer the slightest criticism towards Islam. Meanwhile they continue to move to western countries and seek to impose their theolocratic tendencies on secular democracies.

    The POINT I made, for those with the mental processing capacity, was that we would not for one second accept this sort of behaviour from Christians – nor would we expect to see it – so why should we sit here and nob sympathetically when it Islam?

    Its called kick starting thinking. Although obviously I failed in your case.

  6. Allan_R says:

    Oh dear, even I got what you were driving at without watching the video. Maybe Karen was just being as ironic as you were? For her sake we have to hope that was what she was intending.

    If she wasn’t it perhaps explains why things are so FUBAR.

  7. Oswald Bastable says:

    Put a few too many charge bags in that one!

  8. Mark says:

    You can’t help dumb people.

  9. Murray says:

    The aint no pill for stupid.

  10. mikenz says:

    Is Karen a voter?

    heaven help us.

  11. Murray says:

    Thats all I’m saying.

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