The updated design:

5 Responses to Discuss.

  1. pmofnz says:

    With a stock like that Mr Plod will be wanting gather some revenue for a gun licence.

  2. If you would make one for my grandson then he would have two-like the traditional grip tho, and a prod rather than the horsehair thingie

  3. Murray says:

    If Mr Plod can show me a bayonet fitting, a chamber, a bolt a magazine or a BARREL he might be in with a chance.

  4. Update seeems to have a nasty Steyr
    POS(tm) flavor to that trigger…

  5. Murray says:

    The trigger requires an entire hand to squeeze it so its a hand grip trigger.

    The basic design is M16 with the mag area acting as a cover for the trigger.

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