Global implications of being Jewish.

When most people go to work they say see you later. My brother is a journalist who works for a government media organisation and when he heads off to work he says “cover me , I’m going in”. Given that I was the soldier that should have been my line, but I’ve never felt myself to be in a suficiently hostile environment to warrant it and I’ve only been shot once… also run over by a tank (it was only a little one) and stabbed the one time… but that was my crew commander and he swears it was an accident so it hardly counts.

Just a little something to think about for all you non-Jews who can’t see anti-Semitism for the trees. You don’t seek out Israelis when you want to be “citical of Israel”, you go looking for Jews.

What are you going to do when someone comes for you and there’s no on left to speak up?

This morning punted two of my oldest friends from all my contact lists because they didn’t get it so don’t go thinking I have a sense of humor about this.


3 Responses to Global implications of being Jewish.

  1. Mikenz says:

    The thing that riles me is the hypocrisy and rubbish from so called democracies, in their pretend agreement, that the war Israel is fighting is asymmetrical in all forums and realms (not just the physical battleground) they exists in and their part in that by not standing up for her as a fellow democracy against the dictatorships and tyrants if Islam.

    I think they have got to soft and corrupt and don’t realise the value of what they had.

  2. Murray says:

    Well israel is the outpost of Western cvilisation.

    Do these fools really think Islam will stop with Israel?

  3. When you get a taste of the hate despite the last observent Jew being three generations ago you have no trouble deciding which side you are on, it amazes me that any Jew could do otherwise.

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