New Zealand undertakes a persecution of Jews.

No not as a reaction to the lawful boarding of a bolckade runner but as a preemtive measure to make life difficult for Jews in New Zealand. Jews in New Zealand are now banned from eating meat. That aint kiwi.

The issue is the killing of animals for food. As most people are aware both Jews and Muslims have fairly strict dietry codes, based largey on the fact that they come from a climate where food poils quickly. In both cases, kosher and halal animals requitre a ritual when killed. Specifically both religions require the animal have its carotid artery is severed, draining the blood in the swiftest possible time. The animal hardly feels a thing, it just lapses into unconciousness.

Most New Zelanders are also aware that we export meat to the Muslim countires and maintin halal killing in most of our slaughter houses. What most are entirely unaware of is that the New Zealand government, in the form of Agriculture Minister David Carter has banned the kosher killing as “barbaric”.

The defence that halal kills in the same way, and in fact every single farmer also kills his meat in the same manner was rejected by Carter.

Carter rejected the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee’s warning that although it prefers that all animals be stunned before slaughtering, banning Jewish ritual slaughter decision may violate the country’s Bill of Rights.

So he doesn’t care that its a common method of killing and one we have used here since we first arrived and he also doesn’t care about the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act even though the body the oversees animal welfare believes that it is discriminatory action and advised that stunning is only preferable, not a requirement.

Mr Carter you stated reasons are clearly spuerious and you have violated the rights of New Zealands. Please explain.

I’m seeing a trend in this government and its clearly anti-something… what is the common demominator here? If the people who want to chjange my flag get their way what do they plan to change it to? I’m not a fan of the red black and white one we seem to deserve.


3 Responses to New Zealand undertakes a persecution of Jews.

  1. mikenz says:

    he has proved himself incompetent in this matter sadly.

  2. Milhouse says:

    Point of fact: It’s not the slaughter itself that Carter’s got a problem with, but the fact that kosher law doesn’t allow stunning until after the throat has been cut. Initially the NZ rabbinate wanted to insist on a 30-second wait after the throat-cutting before allowing animals to be stunned, but it then compromised on allowing stunning immediately after slaughter, as the Australian rabbinate did about 16 years ago. (In Australia, beef is stunned immediately after slaughter; lamb, veal, and poultry are not stunned at all.) Unfortunately that wasn’t good enough for Carter, who insists on stunning before the slaughter, and that’s unacceptable under even lenient interpretations of Jewish law.

    Meanwhile Halal slaughter continues, because the Moslem authorities decided to allow pre-slaughter stunning.

  3. Murray says:

    This is a fine distinction and as I pointed out the authority only described stunning as preferable, not a requirement. They also expressed to the minister their view that such a banning violated the bill of rights act.

    The minister therefore made aunilateral decision that contridicts his departmental advice. This itself cales the motivation for the decision into question.

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