Some handy tips for the IDF.


If the LZ is crowded then make a pass with the blade tips about 3 foot off the deck first.

2. Don’t take a paint ball gun to a knife fight. Flame thrower, mini-gun, F18 all are good assets for taking on a man with a knife.

3. Torpedos work well against ships. Blame North Korea, its all the rage.

4. Le limpet mine in port is good enough for the French Secret Service and shouldn’t be beyond the admitedly limited skill set of Massoad.

Note the principle is to do bad things to bad people while protecting your own. Not fucking feed your own to a mob of crazy religious fanatics, and other people who are not the international media but almost as crazy. It’s called “war” for a reason.


6 Responses to Some handy tips for the IDF.

  1. Alisa says:

    There seems to have been no intelligence, they actually thought they were going to deal with peace activists. Pitiful.

  2. Murray says:

    They should have used their leftist media to Hebrew translation books.

    “Peace activist” = anyone who wants to kill Jews and destroy Israel. The daily rocket launches out of Gaza should have been a clue.

    The history of the last 100 years seem to have a few hints to yield up as well.

    Remember, the MSM is NOT a source of information.

  3. Allan_R says:

    I’m loving our work. I have seen your comments on the various blogs about this subject and it is clearly obvious who has knowledge gained from reality and those who think war movies are the reality.

  4. Murray says:

    Commando Comics Allen, training manuals of the common grunt.

  5. Milhouse says:

    Murray, the thing is that five out of six boats were filled with peace activists, or at least the kind of people who are sensible enough to comply with the law of the sea and accept boarders when hailed. Only the big boat was filled with jihadists who declared that they were determined to reach either Gaza or Shahada. The IDF thought the people on that boat were of the same kind as those on the other five. So while “peace activist” may translate as antisemite scumbag, it doesn’t translate as violent antisemite scumbag.

  6. Murray says:

    I’m well aware of that Milhouse. The media hasn’t even mentioned that is in fact a routine operation carried out every other day. The single difference this time was the behavour of the extremists.

    If they had wanted aid to be delivered they would have taken it to an Israeli or Egyptian port. They chose not to do so. They sought violent contfrontation.

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