Target Taken Down!

Good job too. (You’ll be shocked by what we found).

Yes the program that sets out to protect consumers from being able to go a week without being shocked by panty sniffing tradesmen has turned out to be engaging in some shonky practices.

Personally I think everything they do is an invasion of privacy and an affort to common sense. But they want to pluck “experts” out of their ass and shock with trades who do an average job so when they caught with a less than perfect job themselves what do they do? They fucking LIE. They accused a cafe of having food with pooze in it but discover they can’t actually identify which cafe before they run the show but documents presented in court make it clear that it wasn’t the cafe they had accused, so they ran with a half arsed sorry but we can’t sure which one it was.

That doesn’t fly for me and it didn;t make take off speed the BSA. Good job. Now all of you engage your brain before you watch target ever again. There’s fecal matter out there.

Read the whole thing – you’ll be shocked by the BSA findings!


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