We’re Western Civilisation

We’ve been cutting the heads off our enemies on Christmas day since before there was a Christmas day.  Civilisation doesn’t mean being civil in battle either, it means being a biggest bastard there and making the bad people too shit scared to even look at us sideways. Suck it up.

You don’t like a kukri haircut then don’t fuck with Gurkahs. Give the man a medal for intiative and coolness under fire. I’d share a hole with him.

And as an aside to the wet pants author of this aleged bit of journalism from someone who has worked with the Ghurkahs, there is now and never been ANYTHING ceremonial about their knives. They are a working part of their kit just like their rifles.

Someone tell me where to send this guy his beer.

UPDATE: For absolutely NO reason whatsoever I’ll just casually mention that I have never recieved any sponsorship for my ancient artillery research from any Candaian Infantry regiment. Meanwhile the Cavalry have funded one of only 7 stone throwing ballistae in the world today. Just saying.


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