The catapults are coming home.

My collection – once independantly valued at $37.500 – which has been sitting in an open field for the last 18 months has a new home. I’ve been offered the use of a garage about five minutes from where I live so as soon as I can organise a car trailer and assistant (I’m suposed to avoid any heavy lifting) I’ll get them all put back under cover.

At that point I’ll carry aout an evaluation on what sort of state they are in, but the last time I saw them it was obvious that I’ll only be able to savalge the metal fittings from some of them and I expect a write down of between 60% to 80% of their value. The cost of rebuilding them is around the $2,000 mark for materials and there is actually only one person able to carry out the work and I’m not in a cheap mood this week.

After that I will be having a disscussion with the organisation that reneged on a written agrement to store them for two years with four days notice. I’m expecting that will not be the happiest of meetings for many. I will however have at least five machines operation in time for Harcourt Park in Feb. I suspect I will also have the will to get some good smashing done as well.


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