From experience

when your friends die it fucking hurts. It’s also nobodys business but his families and his comrades are his family.

My mother didn’t like being a navy wife with my father beign overseas more than half his time and she sure as hell didn’t like it when I went into the army because the phone takes on a whole new look of its own. It’s a dangerous job but it never occured to any of us to not do it and we believed it was important, more important than us which is a concept that will not connect with most who comment today and in the next few weeks. My wife got it, but she didn’t like it. She also did not take over from my mother, she was simply added to the group. In spite of the best efforts of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery no-one had to take that call but more than once someone near me did set off that chain of late night calls. But when my friends were killed it happened in training so there was no political milage to be made from it so we got to lay them to rest without an agenda ridden circus.

Consequently if you have an opinion that extends beyond offering you condolences to the family and comrades of the soldier who was killed and the two who were wounded, I don’t want to hear it. Leave them alone.


2 Responses to From experience

  1. Clearly, your Gunners need better training. I wouldn’t have missed.

  2. Murray says:

    They didn’t, I just happened to be not quite as in their impact zone as I could have been.

    Did cure my constipation though.

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