In answer to the usual arseholes…

This is why we fight…

Also this:

Six Americans, two Afghans, a Briton and a German were shot and killed by gunmen in Badakhshan, a remote northeastern region of the country, said Dirk Frans, the director of the International Assistance Mission. Two other Afghans on the team were alive, Frans said.

And this.

Afghanistan’s ruling Taleban have blown up two giant Buddha statues in defiance of international efforts to save them, according to independent reports.

If you question why New Zealand has troops in Afghanistan (not far from the remians of those statues by the way) you must first defend these actions before you get to ask you questions. And I particularly challenge our exceedingly weak and inept media to ASK them why if those people – who suddenly take a day off spitting on our soldiers to “care” about them – why they  defend such acks of barabarism. Start with the communist Keith Locke and the professional violent “protester” John Minto since you run to them for comment first but give them a free pass when you do.

So go ahead, defend them.

Hunting the fuckers down and blowing them away seems like a better option to me, but there you go.


4 Responses to In answer to the usual arseholes…

  1. Major Scarlet says:

    btw…. What is the word origin of “arshole”?

  2. scrubone says:

    Yea, I don’t get it either.

    Yes, the new government has massive problems. But it’s an improvement, and as long as we stay, things will keep improving.

    If we leave, all those bad things will stay (for the most part) and you get all the fun things the Taliban love thrown in.

    (And don’t get me started on “Obama’s” withdrawal from Iraq)

  3. Are we trying to teach a pig to sing? I know these excuses for skin need to be cleaned up but are we going to make reasonable men of them or do we buckle our knickers abouve the knee and engage in pest control? The Soviets tried and they had a ruthlessness I feel we will find politically unacceptable. Perhaps we can only leave them with the lesson of screw with us and pay a price-it does seem that Taliban leadership is not as desireabe a career goal than before. The mutilation of that woman is a horror but we cant stop that any more than stop the shit I see in the ER when the axis of stoned and stupid intersect.

  4. Murray says:

    “Too hard” is not an argument to not try.

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