A braincell a day keeps the witch docter away.

The coroners advice if you think a family member is possesed:

But what can be stated is that tohunga or kaumatua should be consulted by whanau where makutu is suspected so that the whanau receive the correct expert advice as to how to deal with a situation, as such advice will be tempered by ensuring what is to be carried out by such exorcism remains within the laws of New Zealand as set down by Parliament,” he said.

Murrays advice if you think a family member is possesed:

Lay off the dak, stop fucking drinking from 10 am when you wake up, grow a brain, get a job and get your stupid asses out of the dark ages and join us the god dammned 21st century.

“Culteral sensitivity” is a bullshit excuse to be the floatsom of civilisation and I don’t get a day off for Beltane or special consideration for leprechauns holding up traffic so screw you. Its not an amature exorcism, its fucking murder.


5 Responses to A braincell a day keeps the witch docter away.

  1. My imaginary supernatural being is better than your imaginary supernatural being.

    A bible thumper at work, where they are aware I have the Big C, asked me if I was sure of my imortal soul and my reward in the life to come-be proud I didn’t hit him-I told him I was sure I would be escorted across the Rainbow Bridge into Asgard by an honor guard composed of the souls of those I have slain in battle. He has not spoken to me in a week!

  2. Murray says:

    Damn straight.

    Save me a spot.

  3. I’ve heard construction projects in Iceland have been held up because they might disturb elves.

  4. Old Fat Sailor says:

    You do not want to piss off the elves, the chief elf is named Murphy!

  5. Murray says:

    Have you heard of a local tribe being paid $130,000 consultation fees to move a mythical creature Joseph?

    Do they pay Druids to bless every single government building and to escort animals in transit to ensure they are handled in a culterally apropriate manner?

    These things are just another day at the office in New Zealandc as the minority stonae age culture dances about on the liberal white guilt of people from a much older culture.

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