Where’s Wally New Zealand style.

Where is Richard George Apperley?

Why would you want to know? Possibly because he raped and sodomised a 15 year old girl and the Sensible Sentencing Trust currently have him listed as:”Current Location:unknown “. And hes evidently been kicking about free in the community for four years.

I do not accept that he is a victim because he was sexually abused, having something bad done to you does not make it more acceptable to do it to someone else, if anything it should make you more aware of the impact. It displays the lack of empathy that the psyc who handled the Nurenberg accused described as the essence of evil. I’ve been burgled five times and lost thousands of dollars worth of property, does that mean I can go burgle other people and expect to get treated as the real victim?

To me the single most important priority of a responsible society is the protection of little girls. Everything else comes second to that. If we can’t do that or are deliberately unwilling to do it we have failed. Its my simplistic way of expressing a forgotten concept known as “principles”.

Richard George Apperley is an example of what is wrong with this country. We make the dangerous threatening elements “victims” and put their rights above those of those are actually at risk. Those we describe as “at risk” are invariably the actual threat.


4 Responses to Where’s Wally New Zealand style.

  1. The Gantt Guy says:

    And the reason he is out and walking around? Here it is…

    “…Chief Justice Sir Thomas Eichelbaum to 10-and-a-half years on each of a charge of rape and sodomy, and seven years for abduction, to be served concurrently…”

    The key word in the sentence is “concurrently”. This POS should have been locked up for 30+ years, not out and walking around after 8. Let’s hope, with the help of the new online world, this bucket of slime can be found and publicly named & shames.

  2. Murray says:

    Our very own special two for one arrangement.

    If you’re going to commit an offence commit a dozen, it wont cost you anything more.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      Yup. Commit one, get one (of the same or lesser value) for free. Rehabilitation, kiwi style.

      Perhaps I’m being a little harsh. This fine specimen is a victim, after all. Maybe he should call Simon Power for a cuddle.

  3. Jamie Grace says:

    Thank u, Thank u, Thank u so much 4 setting up this page and putting out there wat a scumbag Richard “Ricky” Apperley is!

    I am the 15 yr old that he abducted, raped, sodemised and left on the side of the road… That monster destroyed my life and tore my family apart… I am still dealing with the issues from the attack now, while he has been free to start life again… What about my life that he stole from me? I couldnt cope with school after the incident, I turned 2 alcohol… Got together with some1 who was violent, got pregnant, had my son 16 weeks premature, welfare got involved, took my son from me…. 12 years on, im getting on with it, but that is sumthing i will carry with me for the rest of my life! And to think that i wasnt even notified of his release, he was released into the same region i live in! And what did i get 4 all the pain and suffering he has put me through? ACC said it was only worth $6000!

    New Zealand Justice system is a joke!

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