Sheepdog Award

Multiple award to the people who risked their lives to evacuate the children from the day care centre at the Discovery Channel when appropriately dead and soon to be enviro-martyr James Lee sought to impose his agenda with a gun.

Heroism is a calling that comes without warning, not a job desription. The sooner our society learns to tell the difference the better.


2 Responses to Sheepdog Award

  1. OT: Are you OK? How close do you live to Christchurch?

    USGS says it was magnitude 7.0, which is nobody’s idea of a picnic.

  2. Murray says:

    I’m miles away in the north island. Although odly enough someone here has made a dmages claim to the earthquake commision.

    Slept through it as always. If I was still in the army i would have been about 30k’s from the epicentre in barracks my grandfather had been in during world war V2.0.

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