$400,000 for a penguin viewing platform?

You can the little buggers for free round Eastborne, in fact try not to hit them crossing the damn road. Apprently the people in Dunedin need somewhere special to stand.


9 Responses to $400,000 for a penguin viewing platform?

  1. ZenTiger says:

    Under the proposal, groups of up to 50 people would pay to view the penguins coming ashore at dusk.

    Maybe it’s not free to stand on the beach anymore?

  2. medusa says:

    I call that BS, there is already an excellent penguin viewing facility at Taiaroa Head along with the Albatross colony. Poor Dunedin suckers getting suckered again.

  3. Murray says:

    Sounds like a rourist trap to me.

    I also get twitchy about the words “viewing” and “platform” used togther.

    Not to mention BAD TIMING on the spending money front.

  4. medusa says:

    Plus the fact poor old Dunedenites already have to pay for the new rugby venue !!!

  5. Murray says:

    And they live in Dunedin… oh the horror!

  6. Boomer Lad says:

    Perhaps the “penguin viewing platform” has a pintle mount and a pair of Ma Deuce? If I had a penguin observation platform, mine would be so outfitted…

    It’s a suggestion anyway.

  7. Murray says:

    For that money you could score a brace of 113’s to mount them on and take the show on the road.

    Nothing teaches driving skills like chasing down rabbits in a tracked wagon.

  8. Boomer Lad says:

    Neighbor has a 7.62 Minigun for sale for 130k, that could work too.

    He says it’s gotten too expensive to feed. There’s another one up by DFW for 237k with all the aircraft and vehicle mounting kit and a lot of spares.

    They hunt wabbits too, and make neat BURP noises.

    Door gunner friend of mine got in trouble for hunting wabbits from a helo at Ft. Hood with a SAW, that’s even better than a tracked wagon, but he lost a stripe for a little while over that one.

    He’s experiential, he also found out that even if you have a hunting license, it’s dove season, if you are on duty and have a USGI shotgun available, it’s against regs to exercise it with your own #6 ammo for eating purposes, as it’s “inappropriate use of a military resource.”

  9. Murray says:

    Hunting rabbits with a minigun… I’m asuming its not for food.

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