I like those easy to answer assignment questions.

148.333 The Napoleonic Wars
Assignment 2

Why was Napoleon unable to win the war at sea?
1,500 words

This can be answered with two words, “Royal Navy”. I recognise that this may not be regarded a fulsome answer and if pushed to expand on it I might preface it with “The”.


9 Responses to I like those easy to answer assignment questions.

  1. The Royal Navy was larger. RN Ships were better designed and better armed. RN sailors were better trained. And the RN had better officers, captains, and admirals.

    Once you get past that, why is it such a mystery that the French lost?

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    True Steven but Ole Nap never understood the concept of naval projection of power. The continental armies from the Armada on saw the navy as a battle taxi.

  3. dave t says:

    1500 words? I had to do 5000 for my essay on the very same topic! Is this coz you colonials have limited vocabularies or what? 1500 words…jeez….easy peasy


  4. Murray says:

    Actually Steven at the begining of the period the RN was not larger, it was also disbursed around the world. Its ships were also the slowest in the world with the French being acknowledged as the best desgined in the world.

    However its men and officers were vastly superior to what had been left by the revolution, the terror, universal conscription for the army and Napoleons increidble ineptitude in matter naval. The Nile is an example of seamanship in action by taking the fleet to ladward of the anchored French fleet and engaging the unammned side resulting in a alarm and despondancy amongst the French, particularly the crew of the Orient… who went to pieces.

    And OFS identifies the problem. They were soldiers in ships, not sailors fighting ships.

    Dave, its because us colonials have mastered the art of answering the question without a lot of waffle. If it makes you feel better I can give you 15,000 words on the miltary application of the trenches at Troy in about 12 months time.

  5. dave t says:

    I’ll have a copy of the Troy thing – can I turn it into a script for a film then? Oh wait..already done? Damm…

    Waiting for archoligy chappess at brecon Wales to come back to me about Roman ruins under Brecon Beacons Training Area as per your request. Apparently there are some and not just the old Italian Ice Cream vans either…

  6. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Colonials?! Do I have to look to the priming again? GrGrGrGrGreat Granpappy got a land grant fer shootn Lobsterbacks maybe I can do the same?

  7. Murray says:

    Hey the last time you got uppity it was your capital that got torched.


    Dave you could turn it into a GOOD script.

  8. Old Fat Sailor says:

    We effectively defended New Orleans, priorities you understand

  9. Murray says:

    Whoo hoo you got Norleans. Go nuts Jethro.

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