Medal News

Are you a New Zealand ex-serviceman?

Did you spend more than ten minutes in one of the armed services? If so you are probably up for a medal. The New Zealand Defence Force Medal is an also ran decoration for everyone who did their bit without the added bonus of an overseas deployment or the special thrill that comes with getting shot at. (Which by the way is an entirely different thrill to getting shot – See Winston Chruchill for details or the scare on my forehead for an example.)

Anyway, the survey has been done and we’re awaiting a decision. Of course once we get that:

… themedal and ribbon will still need to be manufactured.

The NZDF Medals Office expects a large number of people to apply for the medal and, even with extra staff to process the applications, this could potentially be a two to three year project.

Blah blah get in line. Or just check back here and I’ll let you know when its ready.

Just as an aside this will make my brother the only one who doesn’t have a medal. That’ll teach him to do his time in the IDF. Nyah nyah nyah!


13 Responses to Medal News

  1. Oswald Bastable says:

    You had me going there- I though there might have actually been some progress on this gong!

    This job must have been contracted out to my local council- an outfit that has to be viewed using time-lapse photography to see any movement*

    *except on pay rises and accepting free food & drink

  2. Murray says:

    I’m applying my own presure. I want to be wearing it for ANZAC Day before I’m wearing my fathers.

  3. George says:

    It’s getting like the USA where they send medals up with the rations.

  4. Murray says:

    Yeah well I know what I did to get mine and I’ll be wearing it.

    Same as a lot of other guys I know who kept the army professional when there was nothing in sight to make it that way.

  5. Bruce Hill says:

    Unlike stray sheep around Waiouru, Hizbollah shoot back.

  6. Does NZ have an equivalent of the US Purple Heart? (Or did I misunderstand your comment about your forehead?)

  7. Allan_R says:

    Well said Bruce. I had my years of service during possibly the most peaceful 20 years in NZ service history.

    Joined too late for ‘nam and then nothing for 20 years. I get out and we start sending tankies to Bosnia.

    I would suggest spending time anywhere but here was worth a lot more.

  8. Murray says:

    My brother should know better than to a: pad his own role or b: run down mine. If you’ve got a medal beef take it up with Misrad HaBitahon.

    All others should know that jumping in on either side is never a good plan.

    Allan they asked me to go back for Bosnia because they were so short of crewman. I think my response of wild laughter got the message accross. when you’re not in any more you get to pick your fights and I didn’t pick that one thanks.

  9. Murray says:

    No we don’t have a medal for being clever enoguh to get in the way of flying metal Steven.

    And it doesn’t count when it was your own side anyway or I’d have three.

  10. George says:

    Well Murray it’s what’s under your left tit that counts, not what’s on top of it. Like any serviceman in any era you go where told, when your told. If there was no sharp end at the time well count your luck as good. I asked a US lifer how to distinguish what was what in the splatter of fruit salad that US army personell generally sport from the time they leave basic. He just looked for a Combat Infantrymans Badge and if it had any stars to it. If that was displayed, he looked at the rest.
    My old man failed by two weeks for an Indian service medal. Requirement for entitlement was minimum 6 months on active [his case against one of the many insurrections in the NWF provinces] It pissed him off a bit, but he just said those are the rules and I know I was there.

  11. Murray says:

    Thats was a serious problem for many cold war warriors George.

    In one case an entire ship missed out by two days. A lot of that was addressed by retroactive general service medals. Its still not equitable but better.

    As an example my father now has 8 while my step father who has similar service has none.

    We’re still one of the most underdressed armed forces in the world and thats not an enitiely bad thing. But it would hurt for a lot of people to be reminded that ex-sericemen are lot more numerous than they think and no one waving a sign wearing a che t-shirt ever won dick for them.

  12. Oswald Bastable says:

    There is also the point that a promise was made and the government are being extremely tardy in following through. As they usually are on all matters defense related.

    They can put up a civil gong real quick…

  13. Murray says:

    George Malone has been waiting a while.

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