November 26, 2010

Coming to a Christmas near you…

November 23, 2010

Onager kitsets.

Yes its that time of year again where I need money for the next event so that none of the crew actually have for anything themselves so i’m doing a run of these kits. You’ll get everythign precut and ready to assemble. You supply the glue and clamps. The skien and ammunition are included along with a plan, assembly and opoerating instructions. These things are also very popular as science projects.

They’ll be going for $20 NZ + postage. Let me know if you want to be put on the production list.

Wont be in tomorrow so have this now.

November 19, 2010

I’ll pass on the rum and coffee this year I think.

Lets all play Spot the Difference!

November 15, 2010


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New Project:

November 12, 2010

Scipio Secundus

Looks a lot like this

Only not buggered.

Step one: Strip all the metal work off Scipio and ritually burn the remains.

Step two: Clean metal work.

Step three: Wait untill I trip over the money I’ll need for the new woodwork.

Feel free to contribute to the fund. All donations gratefully accepted.

My GPA and I would like to thank the following people….

November 10, 2010

Thanks for playing. Mmmmmmm bell curvy goodness.

Confront Barbarism today!

November 4, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is about to be hung, if she hasn’t already. This is Irans big concession to world wide outrage at their intention to stone her to death for alledged adultery. For those of you in New Zealand I urge you to express yourselves to the government of Iran.

This is the Embassay of the Islamic Rebuplic of Iran.

This is where you would go to to express your concerns:Te Anau Road, Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand

Alternately you can phone them


or even email them:

Express yourself in a clear, articulate manner and display some manners. Do not threaten or abuse them, that simply creates a perception that Iran is a victim. It will also get your ass aressted. Be stupid in your own time not mine. also keep in mind that inside those gates in Iran and New Zealand law will not protect you.

Let them know how you feel, thats why they have embassies, but show them the western way. We’ve seen their version and frankly it doesn’t impress me.

Now thats some funny shit.

November 3, 2010

Hell the producers should have done it themselves.

So very very Greek.

Here’s a little something for the American voters

November 3, 2010

Some classic kiwi music to go with some classic American voting.