My GPA and I would like to thank the following people….

Thanks for playing. Mmmmmmm bell curvy goodness.

5 Responses to My GPA and I would like to thank the following people….

  1. Cairon says:

    Whats your assesment schedule like?

  2. Don’t ya love the maroons that fill up the left side of the curve?

  3. Murray says:

    I get the A-‘s and they nudge me up to the A’s and A+’s. Even after the papers that were just so boring that I did the entire thing in four days before the exam dragging me back I’ve still got an A- average.

    It scares me how hard you’d have to try to actually fail a BA.

  4. Rhianna says:

    You mean, they weren’t Roman? Does that mean HBO Rome isn’t really honest Roman history?

    Oh lord, my 9 year old could run circles around most people where history is concerned…That both pleases & terrifies me about the future of the world!

  5. Murray says:

    the one time my father was permitted to go to a parent techer evening he laughed at my history teacher who said I was doomed to failure because I refused to elarn my notes.

    My mother never let him near another meeting.

    When I asked me why I didn’t learn my notes i told him they were ass numbingly dull when I took them and I didn’t expect them to have gotten any more interesting in the time they spent at the bottom of my school bag.

    Historical fiction was both more itneresting and useful to me. He approved.

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