New Project:

Scipio Secundus

Looks a lot like this

Only not buggered.

Step one: Strip all the metal work off Scipio and ritually burn the remains.

Step two: Clean metal work.

Step three: Wait untill I trip over the money I’ll need for the new woodwork.

Feel free to contribute to the fund. All donations gratefully accepted.


5 Responses to New Project:

  1. Conrad says:

    What sort of wood are you hoping to use?

  2. Murray says:

    I’m excedingly partial to the free kind. The usual 30mm sides and 50-60mm top and bottom plates that we used for Marius and something in the 4X2 range for spars. I wouldn’t mind a some nice custom milled cedar or waking up as the filling in a Michelle Williams Katie Holmes sandwich either if we’re taking a trip down Fat Chance Trail.

    I’m looking forward to getting all the machines in working order and then testing them on a target within 200 metres of the square. See how they take to being the subject of my complete and undivided attention.

  3. Conrad says:

    I have two 800mm lengths of cedar trunk approx 200mm in diameter from a tree that came down about six months ago. If you can use it?

  4. Murray says:

    You are freaken kidding me. I can certainly use them.

  5. Conrad says:

    Know anyone heading through Hamilton to Palmy? Otherwise you’ll have to wait till next time I visit my mum

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