Lets all play Spot the Difference!



Did you notice the subtle differences?


6 Responses to Lets all play Spot the Difference!

  1. Murray says:

    Actually the photos don’t show how bad it really is. Theres serious warping and splitting as well.

    Its like a 50 with a split barrel, yeah you “could” fire it again… but.

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    On the redo, may I suggest several coats of boiled linseed oil with the first few cut with real turpentine and a vigorous rubbing in between, I have a dovetail chest I made SWMBO close to twenty years ago that has needed no further maintenance R

  3. Murray says:

    Yeah I did that but the 12 months outside in New Zealand weather mocked my efforts.

    Chcky came through it having shrugged off everythign the elements could throw at him. Treated timber and several doses of linseed oil. The Aussie gum arm is dog tucker though. Split like a democrat being asked to exlain his election expenses.

  4. Murray says:

    What I NEED is for oganisations that I have agreements with to honour those agreements actualy.

    And nothing with the word epiglass in the title is in my income range bracket.

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