Coming to a Christmas near you…

Onager kitsets.

Yes its that time of year again where I need money for the next event so that none of the crew actually have for anything themselves so i’m doing a run of these kits. You’ll get everythign precut and ready to assemble. You supply the glue and clamps. The skien and ammunition are included along with a plan, assembly and opoerating instructions. These things are also very popular as science projects.

They’ll be going for $20 NZ + postage. Let me know if you want to be put on the production list.


One Response to Coming to a Christmas near you…

  1. Rob & Joanna Szrama says:

    Got one for you. I have a dog that loves to chase a ball (she’s a Standard Poodle a bit over 20 kilos). In the US we have a thing called a Chuck-it. Basically it is a two foot stick with a cup that holds a tennis ball. Problem is my arms aren’t holding up to the stress, at least for now. Seeing as you are the Missile Master, I was wondering if you have plans for a foot activated trebuchet like device I could use to hurl the ball for the dog? My arms, my wife and my dog would be very appreciative. I thoroughly enjoy your blog – keep it up. Regards, Rob Szrama

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