Well the body hurts…

but the restoration of my machines is proceeding as well as the funding will allow.

Here we have the tennis ball ballista – which I have named Philip – having been stripped down and reoiled. If I get really excited I may actually finish the plans one day and make them available for sale.

More boring catapult pictures below the fold.

Yes thats right it has no arms, its ‘armless! They’re next on the list for sanding and oiling but theres no point in mounting them untill I can build a new trigger box. the old one is firewood thanks to TOTWNBNFROBP.

The ratchet mecahnism will need to be dismantled and replaced with a new plywood version as well. This will have to wait till I can afford to replace the square drive on my drill that somehow managed to dissappear during my machines time with the organisation that will not be named for reasons of blood presure. (TOTWNBNFROBP)

See that really weird looking rear stand… that was a rare cock up. I hadn’t allowed enough room for the winch handles when they were set forward so I had to make it Y shape and the diagonals weren’t long enough so I had to fudge it with the extra bracing. I’d designed it with the legs vertical and all the travels were fine. Doh! I’ll replace it with a straight Y at some point. My current nned for 2X2 is reserved for tent poles. Five tents, only enough poles for 2 1/2 tents.

Also fitted with the new washer system which is much simpler than the previous one but requires a good hole cutter. One day I hope to have such a device but I made do with my cheap hole cutter and the resulting burns to my fingers trying to hold the wood still when the blade grabbed the wood every three of four seconds.

Interestingly the torsion frame was signifcantly warped and its straightened out since being oiled. A tiny island of being pleased in a sea of being really bloody annoyed at having to spend by summer doing retroactive work.

By the way if you decide to build one of these without my plans, without my help and without some elementary experience then you are on your own in a very real and legally binding sense. I’ll help anyone who asks and I’ll merclessy mock all youtube failures. Your call.


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