Santas little sweat shop 2011

packing and shipping department…

For the last two weeks my time has been plit between here and the picnic table on the deck out back which I call my workshop. When it wasn’t raining, or so hot with no overcast it was actually dangerous to sit in the sun for too long.

Anyway the last of the onager kits are away with the one noteable exception being a special order for Kentucky. He can wait, he has new guns to play with. The onager is now shooting out to 50′ or in scale terms 300 metres or 1,000 feet. Not a bad effort for a 100mm throwing arm. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but no more orders please. I’m almost out of stock and I actually want to take a couple of days off. I’ve done my sums and it works out I’ve worked for about $5/hr which is actually pretty good really. I have enough money to repair the catapults I want to repair for next years events so that will be my next priority.

If you would like a kit I’ll be doing another run in mid Feb just drop me a line if you are interested and I’ll advise you closer to the time.


4 Responses to Santas little sweat shop 2011

  1. pmofnz says:

    “I have enough money to repair the catapults ”

    Oh goody, I will be able to send in my account for your power and tool usage of late.

    Yes, I know, “Don’t bother”!

  2. Murray says:

    Do have any idea what catapult engineers charge per hour for technical advice?????

    Then there the entire plans service…

  3. pmofnz says:

    What entire plans???

    Very much build to prove design at this end!

  4. Murray says:

    The holistic concept of plans. I don;t go round finsihing plans.

    “Very much build to prove design at this end!” Yeeeeeees. I beleive you have struck upon the essence of my intent.

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