No more calls please.

January 28, 2011

I have nothing to do with this… Mexican drug smugglers catapult weed over border fence into US

Its not a catapult (catapult is a Greek word meaning “to throw” and refers specifically to torsion and tension powered ancient artillery Ref Dr Tracey Rhill Swansee University) it is a bungy powered slingshot and therefore beneath my notice.

As always when someone does somethign stupid with a “catapult” I find myself inundated with sugestions of complicity. Lets face it, if it had been me it would have much more impressive and there would be no evidence of my involvement.

Meanwhile not one of you buggers even noticed I was blog post of the week in the HOS did you.

Jewellery update.

January 21, 2011

A variety of earings and a braclet to match the previous necklace.

Well thats enough of that for a bit, I’m using the long weekend (Wellington Aniversary) to take a swing at finishing off some of the catapults. So tomorrow its trigger blocks, winches and rear stands.

New Zealand Defence Force Medal Update:

January 20, 2011

From the Veterans Affairs page:

The first stage of the application process is expected to open in late February/early March. Medals will be issued based on the age of the living ex-Service person. The medals will be sent to the oldest applicants first and to those of any age who are terminally ill. To assist NZDF in ensuring the oldest applicants receive their medals first, it is expected that the initial call will be made for applications from ex-Service personnel over seventy years of age. Any applications received from persons under that age will not be processed and persons should wait until the NZDF advises that the next age group should send in their applications. This is also the case for those applying of behalf of deceased spouses, next of kin etc.

If you are entitled to it then apply for it and wear it. The opinions of people who do not understand what it signifies are of no value. New Zealand has one of the most underdressed armed forces in the world and medalic recognition of service is amongst the lowest. Media coments about what consititues being a “hero” are as offensive as they are ill-informed. You’ve earned it and it wouldn’t hurt to remind the nation this ANZAC Day that a LOT of New Zealanders have served and continue to do so making the day as relevant now as ever.

From the NZDF Medals site:

The intent of the New Zealand Defence Service Medal is to recognise the unique requirements of military service. These requirements include: – commitment to service of the Crown (represented by an oath/affirmation of allegiance),- liability for operational service subject to military discipline and lifestyle,- and imposed constraints on employment conditions and personal freedoms.

Posting has indeed been light.

January 20, 2011

For those of you not on my facebook you’ve been missing out on more recent updates. So…

I’ve gotten to work on the jewellery and clothing side of things.

Other restoration work is progressing well and it looks like everythign will be ready for Harcourt Park in a months time.  I highly recomend it as a day out for the whole family. Aside from seeing world class full contact jousting there are numerous other activites that just happen to be the culteral heritage of 90% of you in spite of what you might have been told. Everyone displaying is an expert in their field and your kids will learn more history in one afternoon than a year in the classroom. Previous events have been entirely medieval focused but the Grail of Chivalry – while reamining mainly a jousting event – has expanded to allow other periods of living history. consequently my group is able to do its Greco/Roman thing, hence the jewellery and colurful lightweight dresses that make the multiple heavy layers of the emdieval girls look like pure folly in the summer heat. Which they are. Just saying.

If you scroll down this link you can see a brief video from last you to give you an idea of what goes on. You will catch a brief glimpse of Sir Issac in the background and thats about all you’ll see of the trebs for a while. If you were planning to see the trebs in action this year, sorry about that but if you ever want to know why siege warfare was so expensive I can explain it in detail. the issue os one of mobility…

All the torsion machines are being upgraded with a standard type of stand.

And everything is pegged for easy dissambly.

And designed to fold flat for transportation. Marius has a double upright to hold the weight of a medium ballista.

Scipio gets a lightweight single upright version.

While Vespasian gets a single as well but from 100 X 100 or 4 X 4 for those stuck in Imperial Measurement Land.

Vespasian aslo got new wedges and is being cleaned up.

Anyway for those with trebuchet withdrawal you can see Sir Isaac and Katie shooting here and there are some photos from last times Harcourt Park here, here and here. Please note none of these are my flicker collections so neither the picture nor comments are mine.

This year I’m only taking torsion machines. The three ballistae, Chucky the little onager and a couple of tennisball throwing machines for the kids to have a go with. The have a go range is very popular and gives the kids (some of them seem a bit old to be called kids but we don’t judge) an oportunity to shoot a catapult. This gives them a real edge in the monday morning playground chat when they casually mention having fired an onager over the weekend. There will also be some story telling going on though each day at my Roman camp, The Trojan War seems likely to be getting thrown out there. you’re never too young to start a classical education. i may also have some board games made by then as well that anyone can try their hand at.

So come along to Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt 19th 20th of Feb and bring your kids. Leave your political commontary at home as far as this weekend is concerned for me nothing has happened after 200AD.

I’m also experiencing a pressing need for materials I have no money arriving untill three days before the event for so if you’re interested in sponsoring 22AD for this event feel free to drop me a line.

Its the hate from conservatives that caused it clearly.

January 12, 2011

Friday Afternoon Lashout – encore edition.

January 7, 2011

Because hell is just plain amused me.

Friday Afternoon lashout.

January 7, 2011

Why yes, that is a very dramatic kitty.

The things people post on facebook…

January 6, 2011

look at this softcock would you, the only bloody section commander in the entire New Zealand army to carry his own radio. Bloody pampered is what you lot are.

Is that ape like creature back with independantly operating arms and legs with all the military bearing of a ham sandwich Harris the aledged medic? The standign order was that if I was wounded someone had to shoot Harris asap in order to preserve my life. (I had the radio so I was important.)

The refurbishment continues…

January 5, 2011

Scipio Secundus. Built fromtm the remains of Scipio and incorporating a new stand design that I’m making standard for all my ballistae. Its lighter, more stable and packs flat for tansportation.

It wont be rigged untill I get a sudden influx of cash in a months time when there will be a sudden sustained burst of spending and working.

The rear stand is a temp, I’m actually going to a Y shaped rear brace that operates independantly from the stand. We’ve found this system to be exceedingly stable for use in the SF role.

And if you think the slider looks funny that becayse I’ve rigged it for glandes. Being a stone thrower now there is no need for a full slide that only create friction.

Chucky the old warhorse has been given new washers ~ MORE POWER!!!! ~ well a little anyway.

Also new winch handles and a cleanded up winch.

And nice new ropes for the crash bars.

And I’ve started on the costumes. We’re going all classical and none of that weird medieval stuff for us. Medievalists are odd people who wait for the hottest part of the year to wear as many thick and heavy clothes as possible, clad themselves in metal and then rush about hitting eachother. Classisists lend dignity (and fire support) to what would other wise be a hot sweaty brawl wilst wearing light and comfortable clothing that evolved in hot climates. Seems like nothing more than good sense to me.

In the coming weeks I’ll be continuing work on Marius and Vespasian, my two larger ballistae. I’ll also be trying to scrape up the money to get a screen so i can print the numerous items of clothing for the girls like the hem pattern above because stipple brushing the thing takes too long and isn’t as tidy and screen printing.