The refurbishment continues…

Scipio Secundus. Built fromtm the remains of Scipio and incorporating a new stand design that I’m making standard for all my ballistae. Its lighter, more stable and packs flat for tansportation.

It wont be rigged untill I get a sudden influx of cash in a months time when there will be a sudden sustained burst of spending and working.

The rear stand is a temp, I’m actually going to a Y shaped rear brace that operates independantly from the stand. We’ve found this system to be exceedingly stable for use in the SF role.

And if you think the slider looks funny that becayse I’ve rigged it for glandes. Being a stone thrower now there is no need for a full slide that only create friction.

Chucky the old warhorse has been given new washers ~ MORE POWER!!!! ~ well a little anyway.

Also new winch handles and a cleanded up winch.

And nice new ropes for the crash bars.

And I’ve started on the costumes. We’re going all classical and none of that weird medieval stuff for us. Medievalists are odd people who wait for the hottest part of the year to wear as many thick and heavy clothes as possible, clad themselves in metal and then rush about hitting eachother. Classisists lend dignity (and fire support) to what would other wise be a hot sweaty brawl wilst wearing light and comfortable clothing that evolved in hot climates. Seems like nothing more than good sense to me.

In the coming weeks I’ll be continuing work on Marius and Vespasian, my two larger ballistae. I’ll also be trying to scrape up the money to get a screen so i can print the numerous items of clothing for the girls like the hem pattern above because stipple brushing the thing takes too long and isn’t as tidy and screen printing.


2 Responses to The refurbishment continues…

  1. pmofnz says:

    You have been busy. Will it all be ready in time for next month?

  2. Murray says:

    Thats is a very good question.

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