Harcourt Park preparation continues

Vespasian has had new washers the correct size fitted. For those interested Vespasian is a 2 mina calibre (0.9kg) which was one of the stock standard artillery pieces of the Roman legions. You can see the comparative small size of the stones in the picture.

If you’re wondering what possible use that would be at Gamla during the Jewish revolt in 68AD Vespasian attempted an assult with a ramp and failed to take the town. He then breeched the wall with the 2 and 4 mina calibre ballistae of the 10th Legion. We know that by the several hundred stones found there of that size the damn near laser perfect breech in the wall.

That means that these small stones did not use mass to break stuff, they used kinetic energy. They were going really freaken fast k. The 2 mina ballista, the 105 howitzer of the ancient world. See it an a few others at Harcourt Park 19th 20th Feb. There’s guys and girls on horses as well doing something with sticks… whatever.


3 Responses to Harcourt Park preparation continues

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  2. Murray says:

    Speedway circa 22AD. Smelled like horse poopy, today of burnt high octane.

    ‘Side from that not much has changed.

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