Christchurch gets hammered again.

Chrsitchurch has been hist by a 6.3.

The central city is being evacuated and multiple casualties have been reported. the hospital is still in operation.

Emergency triage centres have been established at;

Latimer Square, Central City
Spotlight Mall, (Colombo and elgin streets) Sydenham
Sanitarium, Papanui

If you have been evacuated from your home or place of work you should report to you nearest Civil defence centre. These are uasually schools or local halls. Frequently it will be where your polling station is during elections. If not stay home, check your neighbours are alright and don’t go sight seeing. If you require help seek it from those around you, emergency services are being tested.

Listen to your radio for instructions.

Good luck.

If you happen to be one of my cousins call me when you can.


UPDATE: Please do not attempt to call your relatives in Christchurch. The phone capactity is reduced and Civil Defence co-ordination is being impaired. I can wait, so can you.


4 Responses to Christchurch gets hammered again.

  1. Glad to see u r ok, will burn a joss stick for ur kin,getting raw video feed now, what a disaster!

  2. Put a maildrop on my site if u need it

  3. Any word on your old partner in crime Rick Giles.
    I am starting to get worried.

  4. Murray says:

    Well he hasn’t posted since November so he could be in a jail in the US for border violations for all I know.

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