… as is the custom of our tribe.

The earthquke in Christchurch is clearly our worst since the Napier quake of 1931 when the town would have been entirely cut off from communication with the rest of the country if not for the presence of HMS Veronica. the crew was also able to give immediate assistance.

On this occasion a logisitics exercise had several hundred soldiers alongside in Lyttelton, Christchurchs port, and they were employed without delay to assist resuce efforts.

New Zealand has accepted help from Australia (whose SAR team seems to have been in the air before the ground stopped moving), Britain and the United States. Other offers have been made.

My cousin Fiona reports: There was a bloody big earthquake and it scared the shit out of me!” Why to give that $30,000 university education a work out Fi.

My former lead scout and all round odd chap, Bernie Shapiro has a couple of which demonstrate something of the kiwi character. For those that can access them he was filming the damage to his home when an aftershock hit. (There is some bad language but if you’re at this site thats not really new now is it.) And his more long term reaction was to set up a tea station and barbie for the neighbours, some of whom were obviously shaken on several levels.

Thats how we roll in the Shire.

UPDATE: Accomadation is being offered for those that need  it.

For Tauraunga the contact is Simon Bridges: simon.bridges@parliament.govt.nz

For Taupo/Cambridge/Tokoroa the contact is Louise Upston at her office on 07 3765563 or upston.taupo@parliament.govt.nz

Up to 1000 people – mainly foreign tourists – are likely to be flown into Wgtn by the RNZAF If people in the Wgtn are interested in providing a temporary roof over the heads of these people then please ring 04 801 4205 or email CD.Welfare@wcc.govt.nz with details.


2 Responses to … as is the custom of our tribe.

  1. […] resident Kiwi and builder of weapons of mass destruction, has a variety of information for those who need assistant in NZ and those who want to help in […]

  2. I’ve been following the news in the US and NZ press and the self reliance and the absence of the entitlement mentality is impressive. There is a link to the Sally on my blog for those inclined.

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