Harcourt Park photos

Thanks to Peter MacDonald for the following images.

We put nearly 200 kids through the have a go range and did a live shoot on the main range each day. Its actually really hard to fire a catapult that throws 1kg stones in an area that small so they were powered right down. I fired them from largest to smallest and pointed out the relative power Chucky – which threw a tennis ball with a lot of hang time and distance – to Vespasian and let people work out for themselves what woudl happen if I cranked up Vespasian.

The crowd was estimated at 8,000 – 10,000 and many people said they had a lot of trouble getting to the park on Sunday because of the traffic. Many families stayed then entire day because there was always somethign happening on the main area from archery to world class jousting. None of the kids got bored and it was a great day out for all.


4 Responses to Harcourt Park photos

  1. Terry says:

    Having spent a great day at Harcourt Park, my son has recently joined a Medieval group..was wondering if you could recommend or knew of any blunt, working swords for sale? Cheers.

  2. How would I go about ordering plans for one of these fine shooters? I’m looking for plans for an onager.

  3. Murray says:

    Unfortunately I do not sell plans for these machines. They are fully functional weapons systems which are just and dangerous to operate as any modern gunpowder powered weapon.

    I prefer not to feature on the 6 o’colock news.

    I do offer plans for two tennis ball throwing machines, an onager and a ballista. At the moment I’ve just moved and I’m still trying to get my home machine back into operation so theres a bit of a delay before I can sell those as well.

  4. my apologies bad phrase.

    Tennis balls, of course.

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