Bob Parker has done a good job…

but not a perfect one. Watch this video right to the end.

Bottom line is that this man was the first person these people have seen since the earthquake. He is not an offical, is not a foriegn relief worker, is not a memmber of any voluntary organisation. He is a private citizen who started helping his negibours after the earthquake and went on to use his WWII jeep to start helping out being able to get places other vehicles couldn’t.

He is now operating on donations to keep operating and do things that in honesty should be getting done by other people. Bob Parker and his officals are NOT unaware of that some areas have been neglected but they do not seem to have actually done anything about other than say they’re on top of it.

I think its time someone but Bob to the question. Either he does not have the resources to get the job done and should say so, or those resources are being unevenly delivered. Either way the situation must change or his body will go up. Anyone who has studied things like this will tell you that the first die in times of shortage are the very young. They have neither the physical or mental resilience to survive. I don’t belief for a second that anyone is indiferent to their plight, but I think they are not being given the minimum of attention they deserve.

Time for retoric is well past. Either get some support out to those who have been neglected or offically fund Bernie and the other people like him who are doing your job for you.

UPDATE: If you want to make a donation directly to Bernie so that you know where your money is going then you can make a deposit to his account – BNZ 02-0874-0003739-001

He will pass it on directly to those that need as well as keep his own vehicle operating delivering supplies to those that need and whose pin has fallen out of the offical map.


3 Responses to Bob Parker has done a good job…

  1. Ciaron says:

    being on the ground, I’ve seen bugger all explanation of exactly what the extent of damage to the eastern suburbs is WRT services. But I do get the feeling that because of the CBD issues, the organization may not be as focused as it could be, and so the services company’s have done all the quick fixes to other areas to get as much of the city up an running as they can. I think people are still in shock (having no power & water won’t help obviously, but a major & detailed briefing of the extent of damage and a plan and time frame to fix it would probably go a long way.

  2. Murray says:

    Accordign to what my man on the ground has seen soem areas have a portaloo for each house in some places while other areas have seen nothing offical at all.

    The Salvation Army is doing a good job of giving things to unoffical people to distribute just to get things out there. Bottom line for me is that the support seems to be going where the cameras are and there is a great danger of sickness due to a missaplication of resources.

    More interested in finx the problem not the blame.

  3. Ciaron says:

    Absolutely. I’m not in the logistics or services field, but I have seen plant working in New Brighton & Dallington. I’d like to think that by Monday most of the urgent demolition in the CBD will be done and plant will be freed up to sort out the Eastern suburbs. We were going down Fleete & Queensbury sts on Monday and they resembled 4wd tracks more than roads, honestly had we been going any quicker than 10km/h we would have ripped the sump out…

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