More Harcourt Park photos.

Could be a clue that there was a grandmother with a camera involved here. Less catapults, more crew.

I quote Tommy Lee Jones: “This is my happy faaaace!”

I particularly enjoy the consternation on little boys faces when they get to the catapult and find their instructor is a 10 year old girl. One young man was so outraged he kept turning to his father and saying “its a girl!”. He stopped when I told him she came with the catapult and if he wanted to shoot it she was part of the deal.

My crew.. who for some reason seem to be proudly displaying their lack of commitment to period drinking untensils…. and some guy… possibly their grandfather. Not sure but he sat there all day critiquing me and saying something about having changed my nappies when I blamed all of my problems on poor genetic material.


5 Responses to More Harcourt Park photos.

  1. A parent’s ultimate rejoinder!

  2. Murray says:

    And then we return the favor so don’t push it.

  3. So those are your neices? Are they twins?

  4. Murray says:

    No they’re 18 months apart and complete opposites.

  5. Ciaron says:

    Blondini looks like she’s having a great time. The other one looks like trouble 🙂

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