Graduation present…

for me!

Feel free anyone… anyone at all…

The detailed evaluation of the artifact known as the Xanten Catapult because its a catapult and Xanten is where it was found. Makes sense really doesn’t it.  From Amazon for a meer $89USD. I’ll never be able to afford but I am making replicas of it working entirely from preliminary dimensions and some photos. The actual book with lots of helpful drawings wouldn’t go amise.

15 Responses to Graduation present…

  1. Ciaron says:

    Bastard. My graduation has been canceled. No consultation, no rescheduling, just canceled. CPIT is gay.

  2. Murray says:

    So noted.

    Actually I could have told you that earlier. We here at the cow college are made of sterner stuff.

  3. dave t says:

    As you are a fellow student, former soldier (even if you were a clanky tanky type infantry thingiebob) and because you’re a decent sort of chap email me a home addie and I’ll buy it as a belated ‘Visiting New Zealand in 2010 but never made it’ present or you can keep it wrapped and open at Christmas. I DID have home addie when I sent you a book years ago but lost it – sorry! This one time offer good until 2359hrs UK time 31st March – thereafter I’ll donate the 89 bucks to Obama’s re-election campaign. (As if!)

  4. Murray says:


    I’ve moved five times since then anyway. Stand by for email.

  5. David Terron says:

    Quick! Amazon want a phone number if delivery problems etc

  6. Murray says:

    I swear you get up to go to the toilet and suddenly everyone needs your attention.

  7. David Terron says:

    You’d better not use the glossy photos as emergency loo roll or I’ll speak to my mate in the SAS and send them down once they’ve finished a little jaunt to Libya. Oh wait…. cancel last. Insert some small TA unit with maps and Nokias instead – might stand more chance of getting to you….

    You can relax now. Mid April for publication and then delivery. I swear, all these people I know and they live in such weird out of the way places…

  8. Murray says:

    We came from where you are.

    You clear the highlands you get Scots from pole to pole.

  9. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    Scotch, we asked for Scotch.


  10. Murray says:

    Yes but you asked in a funny accent so what you got was groundkeepers for Africa.

  11. Ciaron says:


    Quite possibly, they have two campuses…

  12. Murray says:

    You’ll never look at the entry exit signs the same way again.

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