If you are going to be wrong – don’t do it in fromt of me.

If you are going to be offensive about New Zealand – don’t do it front of me.

If you are going to be absive towards one of my friends – don’t do it in front of me.

If you’re going to sneer at peoples misery for the sake of your personal ego – don’t do it on front of me.

If you’re going to sneer at New Zealands military contribution – me, in front of, no bad place to do.

If you’re going to do all of the above –  you WILL get my complete and undivided fucking attention.

Read the commments. This is what people used to visit Silent Running for, then I got bored with people coming to my happy place to be dicks so I just started deleting trolls.

7 Responses to Biiiiiitchslap!

  1. I wonder what that dick will say when Japan asks for help-BTW Tsunami warning for Hawai’i how about you guys? Keep yer knickers buckled and all that

  2. Ciaron says:

    Indeed sir, he may pull you up for misspelling mud but I suspect he will only bitch about it on his own blog 🙂

  3. I so hate it when my dolly falls into the mub

  4. Murray says:

    We’ve already sent half our USAR guys directly from Chritchurch. We’re not holding that entire trying to mursder every resident in the Pacific thing against them.

    If pacrimjim gets his panties in a bind over our 1980’s anti-nuke policy i’m assuming he’ll be demanding the USAF drop a couple more nukes on Japan in response to their current problems.

    Some days people just can’t help showing the world what huge ignorant dicks they are.

  5. Of course SWMBO has this problem with other than a Stuart being on the throne….

  6. Murray says:

    the she must be a real fan of Obama.

  7. Don’t even wanna go thre

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