See this kid…

He is my fucking hero.

The little punk and his shithead mates who think thats its a fun passtime to film eachother going about smacking people in the head got themselves a lesson they probably wont learn.

Casey didn’t want a bar of the whole thing and just wanted to be a left alone. The school clearly failed him and he reaching his breaking point.

Thats how you deal with bullies, you show them they can’t get away with. If you look about the lings though you’ll see the obnoxious little shit “Ritchard” still thinks hes all gnagsta. Might need a weekly ass kicking to rewire his brain I’m thinking. Still we’ll call it a good start.

The travesty is that Casey has been suspended for defending himself with extreme predudice as is his absolute right when not one person lifted a finger to help him and the school failed in its duty to protect him.

Something for the other bullies at that school to consider – a LOT of people are now watching you. Alomost all of them are a lot bigger than you and we’re all on Caseys side, leave him the hell alone or you might find yourse;ves stars of your own online video. you not tough, you’re trash.

UPDATE:”The emotional mother of Ritchard Gale, the Year 7 student from Chifley College hurled to the ground after trying to start a fight with a student, said she was sick of the negative attention on her son: “We’re sick of the harassment and everything that is going on. It’s just a really bad time for us.””

Then teach the little shit to keep his hands to himself! You failed as a parent now deal with the consequences.  Whats the matter bullying only ok when you’re on the giving end?

UPDATE 2: The media get it wrong again.

IN an article published in The Daily Telegraph yesterday headlined “Bully’s angry mum wants victim to apologise”, it was written that bully Ritchard Gale’s mother Tina wanted her son’s victim to apologise for slamming her son to the ground.

But she had, in fact, said she wanted her son to apologise to his victim.

The Daily Telegraph apologises for the error.

How did they manage to be so wrong one wonders? A certain ammount of projection on the aprt of the reporter perhaps?


2 Responses to See this kid…

  1. It turns out the Telegraph quoted the mother wrong. They posted a correction.

    Turns out that she wanted her kid to apologize to the other one.

  2. Murray says:

    That I approve of.

    Makes you wonder how the paper managed to get it THAT wrong though doesn’t it.

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