April 26, 2011

what are we taking pictures of…?

Friday afternoon lashout Early Easter edition.

April 21, 2011

If you take out a reserve book on a two hour internal loan here they charge you $3 a minute if you’re late and they send librians out on Search and Scold missions.

I don’t get those books out.

…harming children is not part of Hamas’ policy

April 20, 2011

…nor is it the policy of the resistance factions.

Palestinian National Movement Hamas official Ezzat Al-Rashak said that the movement is not responsible for the murder of the five family members from the Itamar settlement.

LAST WEEKEND in Itamar, an Israeli settlement in the Samarian hills, terrorists infiltrated the home of Udi and Ruth Fogel and perpetrated a massacre of the innocents.

As news of the massacre in Itamar spread, candy and pastries were handed out in Gaza in celebration.

The Al-Qassam Brigades, a branch of Hamas, argued that the murder of Israeli settlers was permitted by international law.

A day later it changed its tune, insisted that “harming children is not part of Hamas’s policy,” and suggested instead that the massacre might have been committed by Jews.

He also confirmed that the possibility that the incident was carried out by settlers for criminal motives should not be ruled out.

Riyad al-Malki, also voiced doubt that the killers could have been Palestinian. “The slaughter of people like this by Palestinians,’’ he claimed, “is unprecedented.’’

It brings to mind the murder of Tali Hatuel and her four daughters, who were shot at point-blank range as they drove from Gaza to Ashkelon in 2004.

(Tali Hatuel, 34, and her daughters – Hila, 11, Hadar, 9, Roni, 7, and Merav, 2 are pictured here.)

Palestinians celebrate the murder of Jewish children with sweets and fireworks. they target children as being easier to kill, they arguee that it is legal and teach their own children hate to raise them to be future child killers. They believe the liberal west is so sympathetic to them that their monstrous crimes will be excused, ignored and even approved. I fear they are correct because the western media is full of the evil of the Jews. They say “Israel” and “zionist” but they mean “Jews”. We are told about the genocide of the poor innocent Palestinians who were there first. For the historically challenged apprently.

Lets see those evil Jews in action…

This is Cpl Haim Levin who has just saved the life of this Palestinian bay and her mother.  She did this in the settlement where the Fogel family had been mascared and within sight of the village where the attack was being celebrated.

“It was touching, but I couldn’t help but think that a few meters from there, people were sitting Shiva for another baby, who was murdered,” she said. “I was touched to see the face of the new baby, but I also thought about the face of the murdered baby.”

Remember, harming children is not part of Hamas’ policy. Now go and look at the photos again and do your own thinking before you get what you “know” from the MSM.

This post has been updated and bumped to the top of the postings in response to address the claims of one of the commenters. I refer the sensitive to the header of this site if they are under the impression that they have any rights here.

When the Fogel family were brutally murdered in their home the near by village of Awarta celebrated by handing out lollies to children and with a fireworks display. Initially Hamas claimed the killing was legal then changed their story claiming it was nothing to do with them and accused firstly the Israelis of the murders then the PA blamed a Thai migrant worker.

Hakim Maazan Niad Awad, an 18-year-old high school student, and Amjad Mahmud Fauzi Awad, 19, both from the West Bank village of Awarta have been arrested and confessed to the murders. They were assisted after the event by their respective families who have links to Hammas and Palestinian terrorism.

We are of course all shocked by this unexpected development. They will not be executed for their hedious crimes, Israel does not have a death penalty, unlike Hamas which descibes cutting an infants throat as “lawful”.

So in conclusion: Fuck you you sniviling peice of shit terrorist supporting asshole nemo. Go tell your bullshit Jew hating Nazi inspired tales of a million dead Pealstinian babies to people without functioning braincell you result of siblings breeding. Just shove this little gem of information up your hippie ass and pray to you socialist god that you never get in front of me because shit like you don’t deserve to breath the air of decent human beings.

Questions, comments, observations?

New Zealand Defence Services Medal applications being accepted.

April 17, 2011

Applications are currently being accepted from former servicemen aged 70 and over.

Those aged between 69 and 60 will be able to apply around July/August. 59-50 around August/October . Us comparative youngsters under 50 will be some time towards Christmas.

If you are know anyone who has severed in the New Zealand Armed forces since WWII for three years or more, or in K-Force and J-Force for a year or more then tell them have a medal coming. In fact we have thousands of servicemen who have not recieved any of the up to four medals they are entitled to. The New Zealand government does not issue medals, it requires the recipients to actually find out for themseleves they are entitled to them and then ask for them.

The shabbiness of this arrangement I’ll keep for another time, meanwhile please ensure that anyone who is entitled to this medal – around 160,000 of us – gets it. In many caes the recipients are deceased and their relatives may well be unaware of the entitlement. If you are unsure then contact the medals office. They are very helpful and usually efficient. Keep in mind they have had to take on extra staff for this release and will be snowed under for the next year sorting this lot out.

You can apply online and you may need to get some additional documentation, again ask the medals office. If you need some help then ask me, I’ve dealt with a certain ammo9utn of this sort of paper work previously.

If you’re entitled, apply for it and wear it at ANZAC Day next year. If you are the heair to someone who is deceased then apply for it and wear in on the right hand side of your chest next ANZAC Day. This country has a long and proud military history and this should be reflected to the population at large for at least one morning each year and the so called comedians who think slanging us off is clever and the just plain pig ignorant media just take the morning off.

Many thousands of New Zealanders have met the demanding requirements of military service. They have served their country and community loyally and well, including responding to disasters such as the Christchurch earthquakes, but not on operations.

“Up to now there has been no recognition of this service, on which the Government places high value. This medal remedies that. It delivers on the National Party’s campaign commitment to recognise those people.

“It also honours those Reserve personnel whose service comes on top of full-time commitments in civilian life.”

Friday Afternoon Lashout

April 15, 2011

Of course if you laugh your anti-Semiectic, if you don’t you’re homophobic. Or the other way round. Doesn’t matter, you’re a bad person.

Advice to Petrobras.

April 12, 2011

Problem with hippies swiming in front of your ship? Can’t find a “humane” way of dealing with them?

GOOD NEWS! We here in New Zealand have a lot of experience with smelly hippies trying to impose a minority view on everyone else with force and we can help you deal with this tide of stupid.

Throw in a bar of soap.

And there it is…

April 12, 2011

The Arabs want air cover for terrorists and its ok because they’ll only use it to kill JEWS!

Fuck you ragheads, crack a history book we can get pretty pissy when people try this shit.

And you all said I was crazy when I said the Lybian shot was just a precedent setting exercise for attacking Israel.

Cryptic(ish) Movie Review

April 9, 2011

This film is entirely devoid of any plot, character develoment, or even noticable script. Its a giat plot hole held together with a series of game cover art shots of hot girls shooting shit while stuff blows up.

Do not go this film for interlectual stimulation, there is none!

I give it 9/10 and a I particularly liked the steampunk zombie German soldiers (WWI so just German soldiers, not zombie Nazis which is somethign else).

This is called entertainment so go and be entertained.

And thats what the new medal looks like.

April 7, 2011

In a decision that will come down to 1 month I’ll either have one or two clasps.

Now lets all play how mnay bloggers you know who will be entitiled to one of thses. I can think of eight off the top of my head.

Penny… not so bright really.

April 7, 2011

Is it simply another wackjob conspiracy nutter or should she be sued for gross defamation?

Whistleblower claims it was ‘MURDER’ at Pike River Mine! Is that why the company doesn’t want to ‘fully participate in the inquiry’?

And is being bat shit insane a defence from defamation anyway?