And thats what the new medal looks like.

In a decision that will come down to 1 month I’ll either have one or two clasps.

Now lets all play how mnay bloggers you know who will be entitiled to one of thses. I can think of eight off the top of my head.


18 Responses to And thats what the new medal looks like.

  1. pmofnz says:

    Nice work. It’ll will look good alongside my gong for 15 years of undetected crime.

  2. Murray says:

    Took my father 17 years to get the first one of those.

    Some of his was detected. Happy its not some gay tukutuku crap as well.

  3. Christopher Thomson says:

    15 years, LSGC was 14 years wasn’t it?

  4. Murray says:

    Depends on which service. Navy is 15. check out the medals website.

  5. dave t says:

    Still amazed at the RSM who had seven regimental conduct sheets (including calling an RMP a coward with a streak of yellow piss down his back)…. never got an LSGC but had the cheek to ask for, and got an MBE!

  6. ZenTiger says:

    Very nice. Why did they take so long?

  7. Oswald Bastable says:

    Now to find out how many ANZAC days we have to wait to actually get one…

  8. Murray says:

    At least two for people our age Oz. Fathers generation is first with living recipients being at the head of the queue.

    They also plan to have a showpiece investiture for the first group from those in Wellington so father will get yet another picture op. I did casually mention that it would be an ideal front page photo for a father and son to get theirs at the same time but no one was biting.

    All I can say is about dammned time we caught up just a little bit with the rest of the world.

    In answer to your question Zen, Veit Nam and a liberal press. Its only recently become socially acceptable to not spit on soldiers in public.

  9. Christopher Thomson says:

    I would suggest we can take it as read that the longer the time of service before a LSGC was awarded was in direct correlation to the lack of character of the service.

  10. Murray says:

    You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment [cough] air force is gay [cough]

  11. Christopher Thomson says:

    And nice to see that the medal central stripe is RTR red.

  12. Murray says:

    But whats with all the putrid green?

  13. Is this pretty much a “warm body” award? Supposed to be given to everyone who ever served in the military?

    (I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, so if I’m wrong please tell me how.)

  14. Murray says:

    Try harder Steven.

    Its as ervice medal and it actually brings us nearer other nations. The US you can come out of basic with two medals FFS.

    The NZ military is one of the most difficult to get a medal out of and this one is a long over due recognition.

    If you have issues about “warm body” decorations I’d sugest you start a bit closer to home. The usual response to this sort of qoustion would be “what have you got?”

  15. Yeah, National Defense if there is a shooting war some where and a marksmanship medal,

  16. Murray says:

    And one for 6 weeks at Scott Base. Its festival of medals.

  17. I don’t have any issues about warm-body awards. I was just trying to understand what this one was about.

    What must you do in order to get it?

  18. Murray says:

    More than three years service.

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