Penny… not so bright really.

Is it simply another wackjob conspiracy nutter or should she be sued for gross defamation?

Whistleblower claims it was ‘MURDER’ at Pike River Mine! Is that why the company doesn’t want to ‘fully participate in the inquiry’?

And is being bat shit insane a defence from defamation anyway?


3 Responses to Penny… not so bright really.

  1. Penny Bright says:

    Have you actually bothered to fully read that which you are rubbishing ‘Murray’.

    Not so bright to leap before you look? 🙂

    Was it ‘MURDER’ at Pike River Mine?

    Is that why the company isn’t ‘facing up to it’s responsibilities’ and apparently trying to dodge fronting up to the Royal Commission of inquiry into the Pike River disaster, in a proper way ?

    “Pike River Coal lawyer Stacey Shortall said the company could not afford to fully participate in the inquiry.

    She said the company did not have the money to prepare the documents and witness statements the commission had requested and would have legal representation at only some hearings.”

    ‘Whistle-blowing’ author of “Murder at Pike River Mine”, Jacob Cohen, sent me hard copies of his work, with additional hard copy evidence to support his extremely disturbing claims.

    Essentially, the allegation is that the Pike River mining disaster was deliberate, that the 29 miners were murdered, in order to help build support for open-cast mining, which can then be argued to be ‘safer’ than underground mining.

    Penny Bright

  2. Penny Bright says:

    I look forward to my comment being published – so that I get an opportunity to respond to comments that are themselves arguably defamatory?

    Seems that Murray may need to do a bit of homework and developing his understanding regarding defamation and ‘freedom of expression’?

    Unfortunately – that might take a bit of both diligence and intellect.


    Penny Bright

  3. Penny Bright says:

    Thank you for publishing both my comments Murray.

    Penny Bright

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