Friday Afternoon Lashout

Of course if you laugh your anti-Semiectic, if you don’t you’re homophobic. Or the other way round. Doesn’t matter, you’re a bad person.


4 Responses to Friday Afternoon Lashout

  1. Ciaron says:


  2. Murray says:

    Ok well I gave her air time because she claimed to be the font of all knowldge and wisdom.

    No one gave a shit, her time is up.

    The simplest plan is useually the best because there’s less to go wrong. Letting assholes have their say just gets them out into the open and takes away their victim defence.

    Questions, comments, observations?

  3. Ciaron says:

    Penny: “legend in her own lunchtime”.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us get on with something productive… Well played, sir!

  4. Murray says:

    She had her shot.

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