New Zealand Defence Services Medal applications being accepted.

Applications are currently being accepted from former servicemen aged 70 and over.

Those aged between 69 and 60 will be able to apply around July/August. 59-50 around August/October . Us comparative youngsters under 50 will be some time towards Christmas.

If you are know anyone who has severed in the New Zealand Armed forces since WWII for three years or more, or in K-Force and J-Force for a year or more then tell them have a medal coming. In fact we have thousands of servicemen who have not recieved any of the up to four medals they are entitled to. The New Zealand government does not issue medals, it requires the recipients to actually find out for themseleves they are entitled to them and then ask for them.

The shabbiness of this arrangement I’ll keep for another time, meanwhile please ensure that anyone who is entitled to this medal – around 160,000 of us – gets it. In many caes the recipients are deceased and their relatives may well be unaware of the entitlement. If you are unsure then contact the medals office. They are very helpful and usually efficient. Keep in mind they have had to take on extra staff for this release and will be snowed under for the next year sorting this lot out.

You can apply online and you may need to get some additional documentation, again ask the medals office. If you need some help then ask me, I’ve dealt with a certain ammo9utn of this sort of paper work previously.

If you’re entitled, apply for it and wear it at ANZAC Day next year. If you are the heair to someone who is deceased then apply for it and wear in on the right hand side of your chest next ANZAC Day. This country has a long and proud military history and this should be reflected to the population at large for at least one morning each year and the so called comedians who think slanging us off is clever and the just plain pig ignorant media just take the morning off.

Many thousands of New Zealanders have met the demanding requirements of military service. They have served their country and community loyally and well, including responding to disasters such as the Christchurch earthquakes, but not on operations.

“Up to now there has been no recognition of this service, on which the Government places high value. This medal remedies that. It delivers on the National Party’s campaign commitment to recognise those people.

“It also honours those Reserve personnel whose service comes on top of full-time commitments in civilian life.”


9 Responses to New Zealand Defence Services Medal applications being accepted.

  1. lofty says:

    Murray, a good post highlighting the fact that the Govt sees no need to remind service staff or indeed their relatives, that they are entitled to medals, that may not have been issued when due, for any number of reasons.
    I understand that they may have difficulty in tracking down recipients or relatives, but an advertising campaign would help.
    I recently applied for 4 medals on behalf of my deceased father, as I was getting his medals remounted and cleaned etc, and of course got them.
    Tardy treatment of ex service staff I reckon.
    My old man deserved better, after all he served the war out at sea, was an original Leander Boy, and got to watch that ultimate of mushroom fireworks displays.

  2. Murray says:

    It is a serious problem Lofty. Its not entirely the governments fault because from observation the media seldom if ever pick up any of the press releases.

    My father left the navy with three medals and this one will be his 8th excluding various bars. He only got the others because I went looking for them.

    At the invesiture for the Pigat Jasa Malaysia there was one guy who had no medals even though he was entiteled to at least two more to qualify for the JPM by virtue of his active service.

    The medals office are very helpful at responding to requests but they’ve jsut 160,000 recipients dumped on them. Naturally the RSA’s help distribut information but a lot of former servicemen are not members and the RSA’s are widely viewed as WWII clubs. Not entirely without cause.

    People like a friend of mine who was killed has only his monther left and she actually has very little to do with the military given that she considers it killed him. She should be getting contacted directly but I would be very suprised if she even hears about unless someone like me kicks General Jones in the backside.

    Which is just likely to happen.

    Many families of deceased persons will be in a similar position.

  3. lofty says:

    Thanks Murray,
    I agree with your comments, but I suppose the ability to track the old codgers & codgeresses or their next of kin,would be daunting.
    I am surprised however that even service personel who are presently serving are not also automatically alerted and presented with medals due. (or am I wrong here?)
    I will have to check Dad’s medasl & see if this new one is amongst the ones I have got for him, or are you saying this is a very recent medal, that is in the last 12 months? (forgive my ignorance in this matter Murray)

  4. Murray says:

    Lofty current servicemen automatically recieve their medals due to army clerks doin their jobs. A job being hard is not aan excuse not to do it. I seem to recall over the last 150 years New Zealand servicemen have been asked to some things that would qualify as “hard”. They did them.

    This medal is brand spanking new. It wouldn’t hurt to check other medals on the site as well to see if your father qualifies.

    In this particular case the effort being made to make people aware is minimal. Sure most people think telling RSA’s would be enough, but the reality is that after their service most people do not attach themselves to ex-service organisations and will be entirely unaware.

    A modest advertising campagin would be entirely resonable I think.

  5. lofty says:

    Thanks again Murray, after reading your article again, of course it is a brand new medal, and I asked a bloody silly question. I will of course apply for it, I am pretty sure that we have all the medals the old boy was eligible for, as we used a fellow in Hamilton to remount the medals, and he researched for us and brought it up to date.


  6. lofty says:

    I just checked the website, and it appears that I will have to wait until they call for applications from next of kin, fair enough too. As below

    NZDSM Update – 14 April 2011:

    The NZDF is now accepting applications for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal from ex-Service persons age 70 or over. Applications from those in other age groups and from the next-of-kin of deceased ex-Servce persons will be called for progressively over the next year or so.

  7. Murray says:

    You might want to check again for other medals as some of them are fairly recent. It would depend how long ago the chap in Hamilton checked.

  8. Oswald Bastable says:

    “… and the RSA’s are widely viewed as WWII clubs. Not entirely without cause…”

    Yes, shunning servicemen wanting to join ‘because they hadn’t been in a proper war’ sort of put a lot of us off joining. Then, having crapped on the new blood (soldier have LONG memories), they were forced to take anybody who wanted cheaper beer.

  9. Murray says:

    The RSA in Upper Hutt is a notice board in the corner of the Cossie club.

    Meanwhile we have veterans who are teenagers.

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