Friday afternoon lashout.

You are so BUSTED!

13 Responses to Friday afternoon lashout.

  1. Lucia Maria says:

    Hi Murray,

    You know it’s Thursday, don’t you?

  2. Murray says:

    Yes thanks.

    I frequently post the Friday afternoon lashout on days that are not actually Friday. I maintain this would be part of my “charm”.

  3. pmofnz says:

    Charm? Never!

  4. You mean it’s not Friday?

  5. Murray says:

    I USED sneer quotes pm.

    Rob its not even Thursday in West Virginia, its still 1854 from what I hear.

  6. dave t says:

    What Murray means is he actually forgot to post this LAST Friday becuase he was too busy celebrating his graduation and impending return to the world of work 😎

  7. Murray says:

    BLASPHEMER!!!! Never use that four letter word in my presence ever again.

    I’m going to get a phd and never do an honest days work again for the rest of my life.

  8. Lucia Maria says:


    That’s ok then.

    Hey, congrats on the graduating! What’s your degree?

  9. Murray says:

    Classical Studies and Histroy.

    I’m doing my history honours this year.

  10. Lucia Maria says:

    Very worthy subjects. Did you end up doing a lot of Latin?

  11. Lucia Maria says:

    Having been learning bits and pieces over the years myself from teaching the kids (using Memoria Press’ Latina Christiana) I’m not surprised. I remember you grumbling about it back when we were starting. There is A LOT of memorisation, and at university level, you would have needed to know a fair amount to get through.

  12. Murray says:

    It also isn’t particularly useful. There is no way i would depend on information by an amature translation of a primary text. It would be academic sucide on anything I wrote and practical sucide if I were to create a catapult in such a way.

    There are a lot of people WAY better able to carry out translations for me. The only languge i’ll be learning as a priority is German. All the best archaeological arguments are in German.

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